Power Series Weightlifting Gloves (Pair) -- Schiek (415)


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Schiek Sports Power Series Weightlifting Gloves - The Schiek 415 Power Series Weightlifting Gloves can be used by both men and women while using free weights such as barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells. Free weight equipment, and often cable attachments, usually have a diamond pattern knurling to provide a better grip for the user. Sometimes this knurling pattern can be sharp and abrasive to the skin causing painful blisters and calluses. Many people prefer to wear weightlifting gloves during their workouts to avoid this type of damage to their hands. Hi rep kettlebell training is another culprit that can quickly cause blisters to pop up even though these handles are usually smooth and do not have knurling. For the weight lifters that like to perform heavy pressing movements with a barbell or dumbbells, the gel padded palm of the 415 glove reduces pinch points by better disbursing the weight of the bar throughout the palm allowing lifters to concentrate more on the muscles they are training rather than the discomfort in their hands. And for those that work hard in the gym, hands will get sweaty and slippery! Sweaty hands reduce gripping power and can even lead to injury. The 415 glove puts a barrier between sweaty hands and the bar and greatly increases gripping power which means more weight, more reps and more gains!

What is the difference between the Schiek 415 and 425 workout gloves? Everything about these two gloves is fundamentally the same with exception to the closure. The 415 glove features a simple Velcro closure whereas the 425 glove includes an integrated noeprene wrist wrap that also doubles as the Velcro closure. If you are in need of additional wrist support during your workout, check out the Schiek 425 glove. If you prefer a glove with a simple Velcro closure without a wrist wrap then the Schiek 415 glove will surpass your expectations.

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Weightlifting Glove Specs and Features:

  • Includes: One pair of gloves
  • Design: Half finger design included for enhanced dexterity
  • Palm Material: Durable Amara synthetic leather palm with gel padding throughout palm and thumb
  • Back Material: Breathable mesh to help keep hands cooler
  • Finger Length: 1/2 finger length
  • Finger FIns: Patented easy off "Fins" allow for easier removal even with sweaty hands
  • Closure: Velcro hook and loop closure for snug fit
  • Men or Women: This is a Unisex glove
  • Sizing: Measure around hand across the center of the palm (excluding thumb) for correct sizing. This measurement is what will dictate the size of glove you will order
  • Sizes: XS (6"-7"), S (7"-8"), M (8"-9"), L (9"-10"), XL (10"-11") and XXL (11"-12")
  • Uses: Use for weight training, Crossfit, Cross-training and HIIT
  • Washable: Guaranteed not to bleed color
  • Weight: 0.5 lbs.

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Power Series Weightlifting Gloves (Pair) -- Schiek (415)
Power Series Weightlifting Gloves (Pair) -- Schiek (415)