Roll-Out Ladder -- Stroops (ROL)

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Stroops Roll-Out Ladder The Stroops Roll-Out Ladder is great for ladder drills on any hard flat surface. The Roll-Out Ladder was designed to allow for the kind of foot placement training that mimics real-life movements on the court or field. Physical Education teachers and coaches have the perfect tool for conducting twice as many drills and exercises with large groups. Made of Stroops highest-quality rubber, the ladder is only 1/8-inch high, pliable, and stays in place, meaning self-conscious beginners are less likely to slip or lose their footing, and coaches are less likely to interrupt training to re-set the ladder. Since the ladder is made of high quality durable material it will not tear or rip with use. When you are done training, all you have to do is roll it up. Spend more time running drills and less time untangling your ladder!


  • (1) Roll-Out Ladder 15 L x 16 W

Product weight: 15 lbs.

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