Elite Sandbag Training STRENGTH Package -- Ultimate Sandbag (USB-STRENGTH)

Available in Black or Camo
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The Ultimate Sandbag is the first product of its kind, a sandbag designed to meet the demands of elite strength and conditioning programs. Sandbags have long been seen as the most challenging in odd object training, yet, sandbags have also been seen as messy, not versatile, and uncomfortable for many trainees.

The Ultimate Sandbag solves all these issues with two patent pending systems; the Ultimate Shell and Ultimate Filler Bags. The Ultimate Shell comes with seven handles as well as a nonabrasive material that allows trainees to grab onto the shell itself. This provides immense versatility and allows the coach/trainer to create progressional exercises for client success.

The Ultimate Sandbag Shells are also unique having an interior lining to the shell to prevent any dust or sand from leaking from the shell unlike poorly made sandbags where sand can easily penetrate the material.

The second component to the Ultimate Sandbag program is the patent pending Filler Bags. The Filler Bags actually hold the sand and allow for clean and easy removal of weight without the unwanted mess of sand or dust. The dimensions of the filler bags allow for progressive loading while not compromising the integrity of the filler bag. A properly loaded filler bag will allow shifting of the sand, one of the key components in proper sandbag training.

The Strength Shell measures 27L x 10W that allows for more loading and shifting of the sand (unless filled to capacity), perfect for rotational training, movement based training, conditioning, and strength training. Recommended for beginning men and more advanced women.

Available in black or camo.


  • (1) Medium "Strength" Shell Bag loadable from 40-80 lbs
  • (2) Large Filler Bags (loadable from 20-40 lbs)
  • (1) DVD
  • (1) Instructional Booklet
  • (1) Wall Chart
  • Sand NOT included


Perfect for:

  • Best Blend of Strength & Conditioning
  • Maximum Versatility
  • Iron Core Training
  • Barbell Type Complex Lifts

Note: Strength Bags should not be loaded with less than 35 pounds to avoid excessive material during training. Make sure not to slam your Ultimate Sandbag.

Ultimate Sandbag detail

Looking for sandbags for crossfit training? Contact an strength training specialist today at 1-888-758-7527 or email

Strength Sandbag Package

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Elite Sandbag Training STRENGTH Package -- Ultimate Sandbag (USB-STRENGTH)
Elite Sandbag Training STRENGTH Package -- Ultimate Sandbag (USB-STRENGTH)