Therapeutic Peanut Stability Balls -- Aeromat (3524-35946)

Sizes: 40-50cm
One Directional Movement


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Therapeutic Peanut Stability Balls What if there were a stability ball that could offer the same exercise, stretching and rehabilitation benefits as a round stability ball but with more stabilization control through one directional movement? The peanut shaped stability ball by Aeromat does just that. Its enhanced stability is ideal for kids, seniors, beginners and people that are in a rehabilitation program. The shape of the Peanut Ball is shaped so that the user stays properly aligned in the middle of the ball while performing stability ball type exercises. And because it does not have a typical round shape, it only rolls frontwards and backwards, not side to side. The Peanut resistance ball should be an available option for any studio, club or rehabilitation clinic.

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Peanut Stability Balls Include:

  • 35245-35946 (1) Green 40cm Peanut Ball with Measuring Tape and Pump
  • 35246-35946 - (1) Blue 50cm Peanut Ball with Measuring Tape and Pump

Peanut Stability Ball Features:

  • Latex, Phthalates and Chloride free
  • Texture: Smooth with small traction grooves
  • Commercial-grade construction
  • Sizes: 40cm and 50cm (measured in the middle)
  • Burst Resistant up to 1,000 lbs.
  • Pump included with every ball
  • Use anywhere including the home, fitness studios, clubs, schools, etc.

Peanut Stability Ball Benefits:

  • One directional design offers moderate instability with much more stability than a round exercise ball
  • Safer for children, seniors and those who are rehabilitating
  • Increased stability is deal for stretching and rehabilitation
  • Utilizes the users own bodyweight as resistance
  • Supports lower back as exercises and stretches are performed
  • Improves core stability which tones and strengthens core while improving on execution of other exercises
  • Helps maintain natural posture in the lower back as exercises are performed
  • Assists in correcting anterior and posterior muscle imbalance issues

Shipping Included

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Therapeutic Peanut Stability Balls -- Aeromat (3524-35946)
Therapeutic Peanut Stability Balls -- Aeromat (3524-35946)