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Height: 12 to 42
Uses: CrossFit, Sports Performance, Commercial Gyms
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USA Made Fully Welded Commercial Plyo Boxes USA Made Plyometrics Boxes by Legend Fitness are second to none in terms of quality. When plyometric training on plyo boxes, stability of the landing surface is key for absolute safety and optimal performance. Legend Plyo Boxes are totally maintenance free and do not have any bolts, nuts or washers to come loose causing unwelcome instability to your training. Each frame is fabricated from heavy wall steel tubing that is fully welded. Welding is metal inert gas (MIG welding) which fuses the metals together at a minimum of 70,000 PSI tensile strength. The strength of the weld typically exceeds the strength of the steel tubing. In layman's terms, the weld is stronger than the steel that the weld holds together. This fully welded construction offers long term dependability and consistency for every training session.

A fully powder coated frames is another key ingredient to the maintenance free mix. Since powder coating is much more durable than paint, it provides a scratch and chip resistant barrier between the outside world and the raw steel underneath. It is also superior in corrosion control especially in high humidity areas. Because Legend Fitness plyo boxes are American Made to order, you choose the color that works best for you.

And last but certainly not least when it comes to plyo training is the landing surface. Whether youre using your plyo boxes to get into better shape for everyday life or youre training to become a more valuable athlete on the field, the surface in which you land on is paramount. It is necessary to have a resilient surface that doesnt become its own tripping hazard and stays put, never peels, lifts or tears away from the structure underneath. A non-slip surface can be the difference between having a great workout and being sidelined with an injury. With more and more people taking to parking lots and the outdoors for their workouts these days, our workout environments tend to be less controlled than they used to be. Wet feet combined with a plyo box can spell disaster without the proper materials being used for the landing area. Each Legend Fitness plyo box includes a 3/8 thick rubber top. This is the same material used for floor impact protection in commercial gyms. Not only does it cut down on the impact caused by hard core jumping sessions, but it offers maximum slip resistance even with wet feet.

All USA Made Legend Fitness Plyo Boxes can be purchased from factory direct on GSA Contract GS-07F-0104M and CMAS Contract 4-12-78-0066A.

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USA Made Plyo Box Singles Include:

  • 3134-12 (1) 17 X 17 X 12 Legend Plyo Box (Weight: 29 lbs.)
  • 3134-18 - (1) 19.5 x 19.5 X 18 Legend Plyo Box (Weight: 38 lbs.)
  • 3134-24 - (1) 22 X 22 X 24 Legend Plyo Box (Weight: 40 lbs.)
  • 3134-30 - (1) 24.5 X 24.5 X 30 Legend Plyo Box (Weight: 46 lbs.)
  • 3134-36 - (1) 29.5 X 29.5 X 36 Legend Plyo Box (Weight: 50 lbs.)
  • 3134-42 - (1) 32.5 x 32.5 x 42 Legend Plyo Box (Weight: 58 lbs.)

USA Made Plyo Box Sets Include:

  • 3134 - (1 each) 12, 18, 24, 30 and 36 Legend Ply Box Set (Ship Weight: 220 lbs.)
  • 3206 - (1 each) 12, 18, 24, 30, 36 and 42 Legend Advanced Ply Box Set (Ship Weight: 289 lbs.)

USA Made Plyometrics Box Features:

  • Colors: Many colors to choose from
  • Coating: Baked on durable powder coat finish
  • Sizes: 12 to 42 high stackable plywood boxes
  • Construction: Heavy gauge fully welded steel tubing
  • Platform Material: 3/8 thick impact resistant, non-slip rubber
  • Portability: Easy for one person to grab and move
  • Stability: Heavy, solid design
  • Space Efficient: Stack and store while using only a minimal footprint
  • Maintenance: Zero maintenance required thanks to the powder coated fully welded steel frames
  • Uses: Heavy-duty construction for use in all commercial environments
  • Government Purchase: Quick and easy GSA and CMAS purchasing through
  • Shipping: All sizes and sets are shipped on a wooden pallet with a 24-hour notification
  • Proudly Made In The USA

What Are Examples Of USA Made Plyometrics Box Training Exercises?:

  • Plyo Box Jumping
  • Plyo Box Squatting
  • Plyo Box Lateral Jumping and Stepping
  • Plyo Box Push-Ups
  • Plyo Box Tricep Dipping
  • Plyo Box Reverse Lunges
  • Plyo Box Burpees
  • Plyo Box Bridges
  • Plyo Box Toe Touches

What Are The Benefits Of Training With USA Made Plyometrics Boxes?:

  • Offers a consistently solid feel and better performance thanks to heavy gauge fully welded steel tubing
  • 3/8 solid rubber landing platform helps reduce impact and is slip-resistant even when wet
  • Helps increase power, acceleration and explosiveness through improving the reaction of fast-twitch muscle fibers
  • Improves landing (deceleration) which helps decrease the risk of injury and helps increase ability to make sudden stops
  • Increases muscle tone and strength
  • Builds endurance and energy
  • Helps stimulate the metabolic system for accelerated fat burning

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