Resist-A-Ball® Stability Balls

Exercise gym balls / stability balls offer a dynamic training environment for a variety of exercises at different levels of intensity. The stability ball was originally designed for use in the rehabilitation of patients with neurological disorders and spinal injuries. Resist-A-Ball® crossed over into the fitness arena and has become a "must have" piece of training equipment for nearly every personal trainer and fitness professional. Mike and Stephanie Morris rolled out the Resist-A-Ball® program to the fitness industry in 1993, introducing the stability balls into their personal training and group exercise workouts. Today Resist-A-Ball® training products and education can be found in many health clubs and homes throughout the world.

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Resist-A-Ball® Stability Ball Stackers
Resist-A-Ball® Stability Ball Stackers - Set of 3 -- Mad Dogg (RAB7210)
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Resist-A-Ball® Stability Ball Stackers - Set of 3 -- Mad Dogg (RAB7210)
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