Squeeze Balls & Massage Balls

Squeeze Balls and Massage Balls can both be used in hand rehabilitation and strengthening of the grip. Some people prefer to use them as “stress balls” to help relieve stress and tension that can build up during a stressful day at work. These hand exercises can be conveniently preformed on the way home while driving or while doing other tasks such as talking on the phone.

Isokinetic Hand Exercise Squeeze Balls are egg shaped balls made of thermoplastic rubber. This type of material can be repeatedly compressed over and over again without losing its shape. Squeeze balls are available in different colors and firmness levels including soft, medium and firm. Begin with soft and as you gain strength in your hands and fingers increase to a medium and then finally a firm resistance.

Massage Balls unlike Squeeze Balls can be used to relieve other stress points throughout the body besides the hands. By applying the right amount of compression, the rubbery spines, or tentacles, of the massage balls can be used to target and relieve minor aches and pains. For best results roll the Aeromat Massage Ball from side to side or in a circular motion to release knots and kinks. Also works great as a pre-workout warm up.

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