Ader Fitness CrossFit Kettlebell Set - 56-68-80-92 KG -- Ader Fitness (112-SET296KG)

4 kettlebells in 12 kg increments
$2,239.00 IRON COMPANY

Ader Fitness CrossFit Kettlebell Set - 56-92 kg Monster Kettlebells - Ask around a few CrossFit Boxes and research a few of the online CrossFit Forums and the general consensus of the Ader kettlebell is that it is the best kettlebell for CrossFit training, period! CrossFitters find that the handles of the Ader bell are smooth, but not slippery... especially if a little chalk is used. Smooth handles are preferred when performing kettlebell WOD's (Workout Of the Day) such as the "Eva", "Hansen", and "Whitten" that involve high reps of either 22 or 30 swings for multiple rounds. Another benefit of a thick, smooth kettlebell handle is the increased grip strength you'll develop over time.

Since the implementation of CrossFit WOD's that involve the use of kettlebells, the kettlebell, or "girya", itself has exploded in popularity. But CrossFit did not invent the kettlebell nor did it bring the kettlebell to America. Kettlebells are thought to have been developed in Russia in the 1700s and began life primarily as a counterweight used for weighing crops. Farmers soon discovered that lifting the girya (kettlebell) led to strength gains that could be demonstrated in local festivals. In the 20th century the Soviet Army utilized them in their physical training and conditioning programs. It was in 1998 that former Soviet Special Forces physical training instructor, Pavel Tsatsouline, wrote an article discussing kettlebells in a popular American magazine. This kettlebell article caught the eye of John Du Cane, CEO of Dragon Door Publications, who offered to manufacture the kettlebell in the United States. And so, in 2001, Dragon Door published The Russian Kettlebell Challenge and manufactured the first US made Russian style kettlebell.

Included Ader Monster kettlebells are one each of 1.55 Pood, 1.88 Pood, 2.22 Pood and 2.55 Pood.

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Set Includes:

  • (1) 112-56 - 56 kilogram Kettlebell (123.2 lb)
  • (1) 112-68 - 68 kilogram Kettlebell (149.6 lb)
  • (1) 112-80 - 80 kilogram Kettlebell (176.0 lb)
  • (1) 112-92 - 92 kilogram Kettlebell (202.4 lb)


  • Fully cast iron kettlebells
  • Smooth handles on all bells with no graininess, ridges, or edges that rip up your hands. Sanding or dremel tool not required!
  • Handles on all kettlebells fully cast with the bell, no welding, even in smaller sizes
  • Thicker handles are good for grip work and makes "bottoms up" and other floor exercises possible
  • Slightly wider handle openings allow for more space for two handed drills and exercises
  • More surface area on the bottom of the kettlebells, good for renegade rows and kettlebell push-ups
  • Baked on dark gray hammertone paint. Light texture, not slick or slippery like epoxy coated paint. Baked on paint will not chip like epoxy paint, so not rough on hand during ballistic exercises.
  • Kilogram (KG) markings on one side and Pound (LB) markings on opposite side of the kettlebells for easy identification
  • Total set weight: 296 KG (651.2 lbs)

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KettleBell Concepts

Ader Fitness Kettlebells are the preferred and recommended brand of KettleBell Concepts (KBC), the business to business leader in CEC-approved kettlebell training courses and education for highly credentialed, currently practicing fitness professionals globally. Contact IRON COMPANY® for more information on GSA-approved KBC military kettlebell training courses and instructor training courses for fitness professionals and command fitness leaders.

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