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BattleRope ST by The Abs Company Battle Rope Suspension Trainer System

The Abs Company BattleRope ST Battle Rope Suspension Trainer The Battle Rope Suspension Trainer by the Abs Company, or BattleRope "ST" for short, is a unique functional training system that combines heavy rope training and suspended body weight training into one engaging and highly effective workout. Exercising with battle ropes (also known as power conditioning ropes or fitness ropes) increases cardiovascular conditioning, builds muscular endurance, and strengthens the core. Suspended bodyweight training builds muscle and core strength using the bodys own weight as resistance while maintaining low impact on the joints. The hybrid 2-in-1 BattleRope ST™ has merged two of the fitness industry's most popular and proven workout methods and training principles into one versatile product which maximizes results in a minimal space for individual workouts, one-on-one personal training, and small group training.

The BattleRope ST has been custom designed to the perfect length with handles and foot loops which enable the user to do unlimited types of exercises in a limited area. Each handle weighs 6 pounds, positioning the primary weight and workload of the rope exercise as close to the body as possible. Because the BRST keeps the weight in the handles, the overall length of the rope could be cut down to only 20 feet, meaning you need merely 10 feet from the attachment point for battle rope training. When compared to a traditional 40' rope, the overall weight and length of the BattleRope ST comes in at HALF while still allowing the same workout benefit when performing rope undulations, waves, and slams. Instead of using 1-1/2" or 2" thick braided rope, the BattleRope ST uses an ultra-strong static nylon web rope 1-1/4" in diameter which is super lightweight and flexible, very similar in material construction to that used for rock climbing with the exception that it will not stretch under load (advantageous for body weight training).

Length comparison of BattleRope ST to traditional 40' heavy rope
The Abs Company BattleRope ST Length Comparison to 40 Foot Heavy Rope
(click to enlarge)

How does training with the BattleRope ST differ from other heavy ropes?
The BattleRope ST focuses on three keys, known as P-C-M, for a highly effective workout:

  • Posture
  • Core
  • Mechanics and Movement Quality

When using traditional exercise ropes, the user will lean back to stabilize the body and counter the momentum and opposing weight of the rope itself. With the BattleRope ST, the exerciser will assume the universal athletic position in 3/4 squat with core constantly engaged. Since the weight in each handle makes up for the difference in length, movements can be performed in tighter and more compact fashion. Oscillations should be kept small in front of the hips. When performing rope slams, arms need not be raised higher than shoulder level. On a traditional heavy rope the wrist is bent downwards and fixed in parallel grip to the rope end during undulation. The neutral grip handles on the BattleRope ST are perpendicular to the rope end and allow the wrist to move up and down with more flexibility during movement, creating a more natural and comfortable feel while training.

When anchored in two spots (loop anchor at low position and hook brackets at high position) spaced five feet apart vertically to divide the working length of the rope in half again, the BattleRope ST performs as a suspension trainer by allowing each handle and rope end to independently extend 5' from the high anchor position. Using the BattleRope ST in this fashion enables strength training through body weight resistance for upper body, core, and lower body. Perform chest flys, high rows, bicep curls, tricep extensions, knee ins, and other suspended training exercises for a safe and effective workout routine to develop strength and muscular endurance that does not require additional equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, or resistance bands.

The BattleRope ST promotes weight loss and strength gains through High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in a circuit style workout. Circuit training moves from one exercise to the next with very little rest between sets. It has been proven scientifically to burn more calories in a shorter period of time than traditional extended cardio workouts. By combining cardiovascular training with strength training in high intensity intervals on the BattleRope ST you can build lean muscle and increase overall cardiovascular conditioning. The BattleRope ST system allows for easy progressions and modifications for all demographics from teenagers to senior citizens to transform fitness level and quality of life. Make it as intense or as gentle as you want. From self-guided workouts to one-on-one personal training to group exercise instruction, the BattleRope ST incorporates all the important dimensions of fitness - cardio, core, strength training, and flexibility - into one complete full body workout.

BattleRope ST Features:

  • Ultra-strong nylon web rope construction
  • Static braided rope designed not to stretch under load
  • Molded poly boot protective encasement over weighted metal rope clamp on each handle
  • 6 pounds (2.75 kg) each handle end
  • 13 pounds (6 kg) total unit weight
  • 20 foot total rope length (10 foot working length each side)
  • 1.25" (32mm) rope thickness
  • 1.6" (41mm) diameter durable nylon handle sleeves over rope
  • 7.5" x 6" handle dimensions
  • Polypropylene and PVC handle materials
  • Foot strap on each handle for lower body suspension exercise
  • Water resistant
  • Recommended for use on smooth, non-abrasive floor surface to avoid rope marring

TIP: When used with a closed loop wall-mounted rope anchor, anchor loop must have a minimum 5 inch inside distance to allow for BattleRope ST handle clearance through loop. Handle can be squeezed inward against rope ends to make more compact and then inserted through opening on anchor loop.

BattleRope ST System (package UPGRADE):

  • Rope with wall mounted anchor package
  • Includes (1) BattleRope ST, (1) Upper Mount, (1) Lower Mount
  • Upper Mount with single level hook tier for suspension exercises (NOT dual-level hook tiers as shown in old stock photo)
  • Lower Mount with closed loop for battle rope anchoring
  • Upper Mount dimensions: 8" H x 6" W x 5.5" D (3.3 lbs. / 1.5 kg)
  • Lower Mount dimensions: 6.5" H x 2" W x 6" D (2.4 lbs. / 1.1 kg)
  • Standard mounting hardware included

NOTE: It is strongly recommended to hire a professional to ensure proper installation of Upper and Lower Mount System to wall with correct type of hardware as well as account for load bearing tolerances of mounting hardware and wall. Regularly inspect at attachment points to ensure that each mount is safe and secure for its intended usage and load weight.


  • Shipping Dimensions (BRST only): 24" x 10" x 6"
  • Shipping Weight (BRST only): 14 lbs.
  • Shipping Dimensions (BRST System): 32" x 10" x 6"
  • Shipping Weight (BRST System): 20 lbs.

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BattleRope ST Battle Rope Suspension Trainer – The Abs Company (BRST)
BattleRope ST Battle Rope Suspension Trainer – The Abs Company (BRST)