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Club Sizes: 5-20 lbs.
Sold in Singles, Pairs and Sets
Uses: Studios and Commercial Gyms

Iron Power Club Exercise Bats for Rotational Training
Iron Power Club Exercise Bats for Rotational Training
Iron Power Club Exercise Bats for Rotational Training Apollo Athletics Iron Exercise Bats from 5 to 30 Pounds Apollo Athletics Iron Power Club Handle End with Stamped Weight Sizing

Apollo Athletics Iron Power Clubs - The Iron Power Clubs are a new design of ancient martial arts training weaponry. As history states, the clubs or Meels originated when many Persians traveled to India due to the Mongolian invasions around the 13th century. The Persians adapted the Indian forms of clubs and developed the larger sized and heavier clubs we now know as Persian Meels. Throughout the years, these clubs have changed into many different shapes, forms and sizes. The more conventional shapes are the Indian Clubs and Power Clubs because of the simplicity in the design. The latest clubs available are the Iron Power Clubs by Apollo Athletics.

The Iron Power Clubs, also known as Iron Exercise Bats, come in 4 different weights and sizes: 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 15 lbs, and 20 lbs. The sleek design is made for power movements such as rotational club swings, presses, squats, cleans and holds. They are made of a durable solid iron. The lighter clubs (5 lb and 10 lb) have a thinner diameter around the grip so you can perform wrist and hand rotational club exercises, and the heavier clubs are better used for power swings and presses. The design of the Iron Power Clubs is different than the traditional Indian Clubs because theyre longer and thinner around the ends for more fluidity on the swings.

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Singles Include:

  • E-BAT-5-S - 5 lb. Iron Power Club
  • E-BAT-10-S - 10 lb. Iron Power Club
  • E-BAT-15-S - 15 lb. Iron Power Club
  • E-BAT-20-S - 20 lb. Iron Power Club
  • E-BAT-SET-S - 5, 10, 15 and 20 lb. Iron Power Clubs (one of each size)

Pairs Include:

  • E-BAT-5-P - 5 lb. Iron Power Club PAIR
  • E-BAT-10-P - 10 lb. Iron Power Club PAIR
  • E-BAT-15-P - 15 lb. Iron Power Club PAIR
  • E-BAT-20-P - 20 lb. Iron Power Club PAIR
  • E-BAT-SET-P - 5, 10, 15 and 20 lb. Iron Power Clubs (ONE PAIR each size)

Club Features:

  • Singles and Pairs available from 5-20 lbs.
  • Sets available from 5-20 lbs.
  • Made from super strong ductile iron
  • Fully machined with painted black finish
  • Commercial grade for use anywhere
  • Balanced weight distribution
  • Smooth texture for easy grip
  • Smaller diameter on the ends for fluid behind the neck and overhead swings
  • Builds grip strength and power in the wrist
  • Builds core strength through rotational exercise
  • Increases flexibility
  • Rotational swings assist with rehabilitation of shoulder injuries
  • 120 day manufacturer warranty

Sizing Chart:

  • E-BAT-5 (5 lb.):
    • Overall length: 14-1/2"
    • Handle and grip length: 8-1/4"
    • Barrel length: 6-1/4"
    • Barrel diameter: 1-3/4"
  • E-BAT-10 (10 lb.):
    • Overall length: 16"
    • Handle and grip length: 9"
    • Barrel length: 7"
    • Barrel diameter: 2-1/2"
  • E-BAT-15 (15 lb.):
    • Overall length: 18"
    • Handle and grip length: 10"
    • Barrel length: 8"
    • Barrel diameter: 2-3/8"
  • E-BAT-20 (20 lb.):
    • Overall length: 19-1/2"
    • Handle and grip length: 11"
    • Barrel length: 8-1/2"
    • Barrel diameter: 3-1/8"


  • Home gyms
  • Exercise studios
  • Rehabilitation
  • Sports performance
  • Commercial gyms

Shipping Included

All Singles, Pairs and Sets = UPS cost included within the lower 48 states only.

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