RMT Club - Rotational Movement Training Club – WeckMethod (RMT-CLUB)

RMT Club Sizes: 2, 4, 6, 8 lbs.
Sold as Single Clubs
Improves Rotation, Mobility, Balance, Agility, and Power

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RMT Club by WeckMethod for Rotational Movement Training

RMT Club Rotational Movement Training Club – The RMT® Club by WeckMethod is a functional strength training club used during Rotational Movement Training® (or RMT) to enhance athletic movement, mobility, and total body conditioning. The unique design of the RMT Club incorporates a flexible, durable club head, allowing it to absorb maximum impact for high-intensity training while simultaneously reducing the chance of injury and protecting your gym from wear and tear. Its strong handle allows for high-intensity swings in multiple directions as well as fluid, continuous movement patterns. The RMT Club also contains an internal shifting weight that can be used as a counter weight, for added dynamic resistance when accelerating and decelerating, or as audible feedback to cue and enhance movement patterns using sound (resistance) or no sound (fluidity).

Simplicity and functionality are the RMT Club's greatest strengths. It is easy to transport and store, can be used virtually anywhere, and the workouts make you feel good, helping you de-stress and let off steam while developing and coordinating your strength, power, and total body movement mechanics. It enables you to seamlessly combine skill-based moves with high intensity exercises to make you a better athlete and improve your body composition and fitness level. The goal of training with the RMT Club is to move in perfect harmony and balance from the center of the body, down to the feet, and all the way up through the hands for a clean transmission of force through all the joints. The result is the ability to run, throw, hit, and do all things faster and better. Combining age-old utility with modern technology, the RMT Club can be used by people of all ages and ability to enhance athleticism, body conditioning, and fitness level, safely and effectively for daily life and activity.

The RMT Club is used by professional athletes and trainers in virtually every sport because of its versatility and unique training benefits. The RMT Club moves beyond traditional iron power clubs, steel clubs, exercise bats, macebells, and wooden Indian for rotational strength training. Its patented design opens new avenues in functional training and improves functional strength, rotational power, mobility, coordination, core strength, conditioning, and balance.

Benefits of RMT Club:

  • Perform a wide variety of unique and sport-specific exercises
  • Improves functional strength and rotational power
  • Improves mobility, coordination, and balance
  • Enhances athleticism and movement efficiency
  • Unifies and integrates dominant and non-dominant sides

RMT Club Available Increments:

  • 2 lb. RMT Club (WMCLUB2)
  • 4 lb. RMT Club (WMCLUB4)
  • 6 lb. RMT Club (WMCLUB6)
  • 8 lb. RMT Club (WMCLUB8)

NOTE: If you are new to using the RMT Club it is recommended to start with the 4 lb. Club and increase weight after you have mastered the movements

Choosing the Right RMT Club:

2 Pound Club
The 2 lb. RMT Club is perfect for youth exercisers aged 12 and under. The 2 lb. Club does not have the same degree of internal weight, so the shift is not as heavy or pronounced, making it gentler on the joints. The movement will have much more smooth precision, which for young beginners is very important due to developing joints which are growing and taking form. The lighter weight helps make sure that the fluidity and movement are absolutely perfect, while at the same time keeps the exercise safe. For adolescent and adult athletes, the 2 lb. Club allows extremely fast motion for sport specific exercises and movements with speed (for instance swinging a golf club, baseball bat, or tennis racket, or throwing a baseball).

4 Pound Club
The 4 lb. RMT Club is the "go to" club which will train anybody in the entire spectrum of exercisers from beginners all the way to elite athletes weighing 250 pounds and heavier. The 4 lb. Club provides the shifting weight that gives feedback to perform very complex patterns, learn them quickly, and continue to perfect them beyond what would be possible without the shift in weight. This club is very safe, so it allows exercisers to move it fast (which is what you want to do). Perform swings with fluid acceleration, direction changes, and fluid deceleration as fast as you possibly can to get the workload power. During a swing the weight inside rests on the back side of the club head (creating no inertia). When stopped abruptly at the peak of a swing, it is not a slow stop but rather an extremely fast stop at which point a split second later the internal weight smashes against the other side giving the movement the jolt of force that makes you more powerful. If just looking to get fit, move better, and feel that primal power of swinging a club, the 4 lb. Club is all you need.

6 Pound and 8 Pound Clubs
When compared to the 4 lb. Club, the differential of 2 lbs. with the 6 lb. Club (or 4 lbs. in the case of the 8 lb. Club) is huge. The reason for this is that the RMT Club is designed with the lightest possible handle with all of the weight thus residing in the club head. So, the RMT club is not a balanced implement, but purposely unbalanced to create a leverage effect. It takes a LOT of work to hold 6 lbs. out horizontally when gripping single-handedly near the club handle end with palm facing down, and even more when holding 8 lbs. The heavier Clubs are for someone who really wants to develop the strength of the forearms and wrists. It is recommended to strategically use the 6 lb. and 8 lb. Clubs to enhance the ability to train with the 4 lb. Club. The same power swing moves with a 6 lb. or 8 lb. Club will be slower and require more strength than the 4 lb. Club. As you build dynamic strength with the heavier clubs and then come back to the 4 lb. Club, the result is that you can now swing the 4 lb. Club even faster since the original swing groove has been better mastered using heavier force. Thus by training with the 6 lb. and 8 lb. Clubs you can get more out of the 4 lb. Club to take your athleticism to the next level. The 6 lb. and 8 lb. Clubs will "tell the truth" with how smooth your patterns are because they will feel much heavier than the actual weight, and heavier than any other 6 lb. or 8 lb. Indian club or similar rotational training tool. With all the weight is positioned at the end, the Club will feel extremely heavy and provide feedback to the exerciser on how well the swinging pattern is mastered.

What RMT Club is best for you?

RMT Club Training Principles (also known as the WeckMethod Principles):

Rotational Movement Training® (or RMT®)
Effectively increasing rotational power while integrating both strength and balance

Non-Dominant Side Training™
Improving the non-dominant side of the body to minimize deficiencies

Tensional Balance™
Establishing and maintaining the correct tension throughout the body, allowing you to express more power and efficiency during athletic movement

Total Body Integration
Creating a more integrated and balanced body from head to toe by enhancing balance, mobility, timing, rhythm, ambidexterity and cardiovascular conditioning
Helping you unify your body by connecting your central core with your hands and feet, which are the parts of your body that actually interact with the world around you most of the time

Looking for balance and core strengthening products for your sports performance gym or rehabilitation center? Contact an IRON COMPANY core training specialist today at 1-888-758-7527 or email

Purchase RMT Clubs on GSA contract - All RMT Clubs can be purchased from Ironcompany on GSA Contract GS-07F-0104M and CMAS Contract 4-12-78-0066A.

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RMT Club - Rotational Movement Training Club – WeckMethod (RMT-CLUB)
RMT Club - Rotational Movement Training Club – WeckMethod (RMT-CLUB)