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BOSU Elite Balance Trainer from WeckMethod for Commercial Use
BOSU Elite Balance Trainer from WeckMethod for Commercial Use
BOSU Elite Balance Trainer from WeckMethod for Commercial Use BOSU Elite Balance Trainer with Power Zone for Precise Alignment BOSU Elite Balance Trainer with Reinforced Base for Platform-Side Exercises BOSU Elite Balance Trainer with Pump and Trilingual Owner's Manual BOSU Elite Balance Trainer with Tactile Non-Slip Honeycomb Grip BOSU Elite Balance Trainer with Power Line for Specialized Programming BOSU Elite Balance Trainer with High Density Dome for Force Production BOSU Elite Balance Trainer for Core Training Exercises BOSU Elite Balance Trainer for Compression Strength Training BOSU Elite Balance Trainer with Firm Dome for High Intensity Loading BOSU Elite Balance Trainer for Agility Training and Speed Training BOSU Elite Balance Trainer for Reflexive Training and Improved Flexibility BOSU Elite Balance Trainer for Group Circuit Training Class

BOSU Elite Balance Trainer for Athletic Balance and Sports Performance

BOSU Elite Balance Trainer – The BOSU® ELITE Balance Trainer by WeckMethod is a versatile compression strength training tool utilizing an inflated, burst-resistant half dome attached to a base platform for exercises and activities involving standing, sitting, and supported body weight conditioning. The BOSU Elite Balance Trainer uses resistance rather than instability for strength and conditioning during performance training. The high density dome creates a powerful pressurized resistance and primes the body for athletic movement, intensifying strength training, core training, and agility training. The firmer dome design of the BOSU Elite Balance Trainer also increases stability, making it ideally suited for beginners, rehabilitation patients, and the active aging population.

How does the BOSU Elite Balance Trainer differ from the BOSU Pro or original BOSU? While the 12" high blue dome of the original BOSU and BOSU Pro is easily compressed and will not push back against the exerciser, the 8" high black dome of the BOSU Elite Balance Trainer is noticeably thicker and intentionally firmer to create opposing force and generate tremendous feedback. The BOSU Elite Balance Trainer provides more stability during high impact movements, greater instability for platform side up exercises (since the downward facing dome will then work to retain its curved shape rather than compressing), and increased resistance that spring loads the body. The BOSU Elite Balance Trainer dome has a honeycomb tactile element and is imprinted with designated training areas identified as Power Zone and Power Line. The Power Line is used to set the body in the best athletic position and establish proper alignment from head to toe to maximize the effectiveness of every exercise. Training in the Power Zone ensures the most benefit out of each exercise while maintaining athletic balance and control of the center of gravity. Imprinted numbers provide visual cues for specific training and targeting desired areas of improvement.

As the performance division of BOSU Fitness, WeckMethod teaches that balance as a method, a discipline, and a technique is much more than simply "not falling down." Its training involves balancing both sides of your body, balancing strength and coordination, balancing power and efficiency, and balancing athletic movement with proper body alignment. The BOSU Elite Balance Trainer is an indispensable training tool for the serious athlete as well as the everyday person trying to improve body mechanics, conditioning, and sustainable functional strength and capability through athletic balance.

Benefits of BOSU Elite:

  • Creates a stronger athletic position
  • Intensifies strength and compression training
  • Develops explosive power during ballistic and agility exercises
  • Opens hip and pelvis for deeper squats
  • Strengthens and primes the body for heavier lifts
  • Engages posterior, hamstrings, and thighs
  • Strengthens Psoas and lower back muscles
  • Intensifies core exercises
  • "Spring loads" feet with dynamic dorsiflexion
  • Enhances foot strength and force production on the ground
  • Unifies movements and body mechanics
  • Helps reduce injuries
  • Improves reflexive training
  • Improves flexibility
  • Easier assimilation for first time users, active aging, and rehabilitation

Training Disciplines using BOSU Elite:

Ballistic Training
The pressurized force of the BOSU Elite's dome creates instant feedback and generates more explosive force reaction throughout the body, enhancing speed, agility, and explosive power during ballistic movements.

Compression Strength Training™
Compression exercises use the BOSU Elite’s high density dome material to increase resistance and generate more force. When you compress the BOSU Elite's dome, it generates more feedback and creates greater resistance. The more you push into the dome, the more it pushes back into your body.

Core Training
The BOSU Elite intensifies core exercises by using resistance to stabilize and engage your body. Additionally, the BOSU Elite's visual markings help position the body for maximum return.

Reflexive Training
The BOSU Elite improves the reflexive movements of your body and strengthens your stabilizer muscles to improve balance, strength, and center of gravity so you can move better on the ground.

Looking for balance and core strengthening products for your sports performance gym or rehabilitation center? Contact an IRON COMPANY core training specialist today at 1-888-758-7527 or email

BOSU® is a registered trademark of BOSU Fitness, LLC


  • Durable and rugged dome design and material for greater active training
  • High density dome for pressurized resistance, maintains support for active loading
  • Firmer dome generates greater force production during high intensity loading
  • Power Line for precise positioning and alignment, specialized programing and visual cueing
  • Power Zone with tactile, non-slip honeycomb textured grip surface
  • Reinforced base for platform-side exercises
  • Smooth, non-skid, non-marking platform contact surface
  • Molded handholds on underside of base
  • BOSU Elite Includes:
    • Trilingual Owner’s Manual (English, French, Spanish) with User instructions and set of getting started exercises
    • Hand Pump
    • Plug (located inside package with Owner’s Manual)
  • Online Access to digital content:
    • Owner’s Manual (PDF file)
    • Wall Chart (PDF file)
    • Comprehensive FREE Training Video Library
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    • Rated for Commercial use and Residential use
    • Maximum User Weight Limit: 400 lbs.
    • Colors: Black dome and Light Gray platform rim
    • Diameter: 65cm
    • Latex Free
    • Unit Dimensions (inflated): 25.6" L x 25.6" W x 8" H
    • Unit Weight (inflated): 16 lbs.
    • Shipping Dimensions: 26" x 26" x 4"
    • Shipping Weight: 19 lbs.


    • 2 Year Limited Warranty
    • Inflate to 8" height only (do not overinflate)
    • To maintain firm dome with high pressurized resistance, keep away from direct sunlight and heat when not in use
    • Clean with mild soap and wipe to remove sweat


    • Ships by UPS Ground
    • Shipping cost included within the lower 48 states only
    • Additional shipping cost applies to AK, HI, PR
    • Shipping to US addresses only (cannot ship internationally)