10cm Wide Suede Leather Competition Power Lever Belt -- Schiek (L7010)

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Schiek Sports Suede Leather Lever Power Lifting Belt The Power Lever Belt from Schiek Sports is a heavy duty suede leather lifting belt with lever lock closure system designed to specification for legal use during power lifting competition. While the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) will allow belts up to 13mm in thickness, some lifters find such a thick belt to be too massive or bulky for their preference. The Schiek Power Lever Belt is constructed with a 9mm thickness so that it retains an extra firm design for maximum support but also offers a less "imposing" fit that some will find more comfortable on the midsection or rib cage. The inside of the belt features a reinforced neoprene lining underneath the suede for added comfort and proper fit to the lower lumbar region of the lower back during compression of the lever-enclosure system. Suede coverings on both the outside and inside of the belt are secured with heavy duty double nylon stitching. From the front to the back the width is a consistent 10cm and does not include contours or size variations prohibited in most amateur or professional lifting competitions. The lever closure is nickel plated for long-term durability and offers superior holding power and a secure fit during every lifting session year after year. Whether your goal is competitive powerlifting or you want a rock-solid belt for Olympic lifts or cross-training, the Schiek Lever Power Belt is a strong and reliable lifting tool that will be a proud addition to any gym bag.

Competition Leather Belt Features and Specifications:

  • Color: Black only
  • Material: Genuine leather with suede leather covering on outside and inside
  • Closure System: Nickel plated heavy duty lever
  • Firmness: Extra firm with reinforced neoprene
  • Belt Thickness: 9mm (0.35") thick
  • Front Width: 10cm (3.94")
  • Back Width: 10cm (3.94")
  • Construction: Heavy-duty nylon double stitching
  • Shape: Consistent 10cm width from back to front
  • Sizing: Be sure to measure around the waist at navel height to determine best belt fit
  • Sizes: S (27"-32"), M (31"-36"), L (35"-41"), XL (40"-45"), XXL (44"-50")
  • Uses: Competition legal for use in powerlifting meets

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10cm Wide Suede Leather Competition Power Lever Belt -- Schiek (L7010)
10cm Wide Suede Leather Competition Power Lever Belt -- Schiek (L7010)