10cm Wide Competition Powerlifting Belt -- Schiek (L6010-L6011)

Sizes: S to XXXL
Genuine Suede Leather
Single or Double Prong Design


SKU: L6010-L6011

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Schiek Sports 10cm Wide Competition Powerlifting Belt - The Schiek L6010 and L6011 Competition Powerlifting Belt is for the weight lifter or powerlifter that wants an Olympic lifting belt that falls within the rule book guidelines of the different federations such as the IPF (International Powerlifting Association) and the USPA (United States Powerlifting Association). The L6010/L6011 is made from heavy-duty 9mm thick genuine leather with a layer of black suede sewn to the outside and white suede sewn to the inside with double nylon stitching. From the front to the back the width is a consistent 10cm and does not include contours or size variations not allowed in most competitions. The 10cm width offers sufficient support to both the abdominal wall and the lumbar region of the lower back. The single prong or two-prong buckle is made from solid stainless steel and offers superior holding power that wont "tear away" at the leather. If you're looking for a well made powerlifting belt that is reliable and won't break the bank, consider the L6010 or L6011 Competition Power Belt for your next purchase. Want to look and train like a champion at the gym? Choose the USPA competition legal PHL6010 Signature Series Double Prong Belt as endorsed by six-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath with custom designed embroidered logo on the back of the belt!

What is a competition legal weight belt? According to the technical rule book of the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF), the following criteria apply to keep you within the legal limits when using a powerlifting belt during competition:

  • Width of the belt must be a maximum of 10cm (3.94")
  • Thickness of the belt cannot exceed 13mm along the main length (0.51")
  • Inside width of the buckle can be a maximum of 11cm (4.33")
  • Outside width of the buckle can be a maximum of 13cm (5.12")
  • Tongue loop must not exceed a width of 5cm (1.97")
  • Distance between the end of the belt and far end of the tongue loop must not exceed 25cm (9.84")

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Available Belt Options:

  • L6011 - Single Prong Competition Power Belt
  • L6010 - Double Prong Competition Power Belt
  • PHL6010 - Double Prong Phil Heath "6x Mr. Olympia" Signature Series Embroidered Competition Power Belt (sizes S to XXL only)

Competition Leather Belt Specs and Features:

  • Includes: One black suede weight belt
  • Material: Genuine leather with suede leather covering on outside and inside
  • Buckle: Stainless steel single or double prong buckle
  • Belt Padding: No padding included
  • Belt Thickness: 9mm (0.35") thick
  • Front Width: 10cm (3.94")
  • Back Width: 10cm (3.94")
  • Tapered Tongue Width: 9.525cm (3.75")
  • Construction: Heavy-duty nylon double stitching
  • Shape: Consistent 10cm width from back to front
  • Sizing: Be sure to measure around the waist at navel height to determine best belt fit
  • Sizes: S (27"-32"), M (31"-36"), L (35"-41"), XL (40"-45"), XXL (44"-50") and XXXL (50"-54")
  • Uses: Competition legal for use in powerlifting meets
  • Weight: 3 lbs.

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10cm Wide Competition Powerlifting Belt -- Schiek (L6010-L6011)
10cm Wide Competition Powerlifting Belt -- Schiek (L6010-L6011)