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American Barbell Aluminum Seated Row Cable Attachment
American Barbell Aluminum Seated Row Cable Attachment
American Barbell Aluminum Seated Row Cable Attachment American Barbell AT-SRCH Aluminum Row Handle with Urethane Grips American Barbell AT-SRCH Seated Row Handle with Ergonomic Angled Grips

American Barbell Free Weight Equipment Made in the USA

American Barbell USA Made High Strength Aluminum Seated Row / Chinning Handle with Urethane Handles - Improving upon a design in steel made popular by former manufacturer GP Industries, American Barbell has created a cable attachment made of the highest quality high strength aluminum. The solid aluminum cable accessory (not hollow like some) offers a product stronger and more durable than steel, yet much lighter weight (about half to two-thirds the weight of similar attachments in steel) for safety and functionality. Have you ever had a heavy cable attachment on an overhead cable cause the top weight stack plate to lift, or worse yet come crashing down on an unsuspecting exercisers head, when the weight stack pin was removed to change the weight? Because aluminum bars and handles are lighter than the average weight stack top plate and selector stem, a better balance is created for safer operations and less liability to gym owners.

American Barbell's attention to superior craftsmanship doesn't stop with the solid aluminum construction. After fabrication of the aluminum bar or handle by American Barbell, each attachment is sent out to Hogue, Inc. for application of the proprietary urethane handle grips. Hogue, Inc. is famous worldwide for its long tradition since 1968 of producing hand gun grips and long gun stocks of world-class design and superior performance. Urethane handle grips are securely bonded through an "overmold" process to each aluminum cable attachment - meaning the urethane coating is molded right over the handle and can't slip off, peel off, tear, or loosen and twist over time like common rubber grips. In fact, the only way to remove the urethane coating once engaged to the aluminum is to machine it off or burn it off! Each urethane grip bears Hogue's signature Cobblestone™ texture, a pebbled pattern which provides a non-slip, sure grip handle with the perfect grip and rock-solid fit. This modern, durable grip coating is impervious to all oils, sweat, and solvents, meaning no amount of use, cleaning, or brushing up against oily guide rods will detract from its performance. The end result is a cable attachment without comparison that looks great, feels great, and wears great.


  • (1) Seated Row / Chinning Handle

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  • Proudly MADE IN THE USA
  • Manufactured from high strength, solid aluminum
  • Lighter and stronger than steel for safety and durability
  • Overmolded urethane handle grips by Hogue, Inc.
  • Cobblestone handle texture for sure grip
  • Handle grips impervious to sweat, oil, and solvents
  • Multi-axis rotating swivel for ease of attachment and full functional use
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    • Grip Diameter: 28.5mm (1.125")
    • Weight: 2.5 lbs.

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