4' Slastix Pro Power Resistance Bands | Stroops (SP48)

Two 48" bands with handles connected with 10" anchor loop
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Stroops Slastix Pro Power Resistance Toner Bands - The Slastix Pro Resistance Band System utilizes two 48 inch Slastix stretch bands that are connected in the center with a 10 inch fabric loop. Each band has a handle on the end to push or pull away from the center point using two hands. By attaching the fabric loop to a secure anchor point such as a gym rack, fence post, or even tree branch, you now have a complete workout system employing elastic resistance for any exerciser, at any age, in any place, for any amount of time. No more bulky dumbbells, weight machines, or gym racks needed - the Slastix Pro is lightweight, easy to use, and portable.

How does Slastix work? The Slastix Pro utilizes extremely resilient resistance bands that are encased in a protective nylon sheath. Each 4 foot section has a 4-to-1 ratio for elasticity, meaning they will stretch up to 16 feet from the connection point. And, with Slastix bands, resistance and difficulty will increase the hard and farther you push or pull. This means that each Pro Power Band will let you train at minimum or maximum intensity, depending on your goals, age, ability, or strength level. The Slastix Pro Power Band Trainer is designed with the needs of present, future, former, and mending athletes in mind.


  • (1) set of two 48" Slastix Resistance Bands attached by a 10" anchor loop with 2 handles (one on each end)

Available Resistance Levels:

  • SP48VL - Very Light - 7 lbs. Resistance - Black Sleeves with Purples Handles
  • SP48L - Light - 12 lbs. Resistance - Black Sleeves with Yellow Handles
  • SP48M - Medium - 20 lbs. Resistance - Black Sleeves with Red Handles
  • SP48H - Heavy - 25 lbs. Resistance - Black Sleeves with Blue Handles
  • SP48VH - Very Heavy - 33 lbs. Resistance - Black Sleeves with Green Handles
  • SP48SH - Super Heavy - 50 lbs. Resistance - Black Sleeves with Silver Handles

  • 48 inch unstretched length on each band
  • 4:1 stretch - each band will stretch to maximum 16 feet
  • Patented nylon safety sleeve encloses latex resistance tubing and prevents overstretching
  • Nylon sheath protects bands from ultraviolet light, body oils, nicks, and cuts during daily use
  • Also offers protection to exerciser from potential skin irritations or abrasions due to contact with stretched tubing
  • 10" Anchor Loop for securing bands to fixed anchor point
  • Color coded handles and loop for easy resistance identification
  • Nylon handles with large padded grips
  • Handle axis can be turned to perform hammer style movements
  • Perform Back Rows, Reverse Flys, Chest Press, Tricep Extensions, Chest Flys, and countless other exercises


  • Shipping Weight: 2 lbs

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4' Slastix Pro Power Resistance Bands | Stroops (SP48)
4' Slastix Pro Power Resistance Bands | Stroops (SP48)