The Accelerator Slastix Resistance Trainer with Harness -- Stroops (ACL-HAR)

47, 77, 105, or 150 lb. Slastix Resistance
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Stroops Accelerator – The Accelerator takes explosive movement training to the next level! The Accelerator was designed to help athletes accelerate more quickly and powerfully, and for longer distances. The Accelerator focuses on maximizing an athletes first 30 feet when her or she is accelerating. With a 10-foot Slastix® attached from the shoulder harness to a fixed object, gain the benefits of resistance while accelerating for a full 30 feet. And, because the Accelerator was designed to automatically detach when it becomes fully extended, athletes can continue uninterrupted for longer distances. Drills with the Accelerator emphasize all the major muscle groups and also help train speed, agility, balance, quickness, and explosiveness. Padded harness fits over shoulders and is large enough to fit over shoulder pads, but also adjusts small enough to fit youth athletes.


  • (1) Shoulder H Harness
  • (1) 10-foot Slastix® – choose from 47 lb, 77 lb, 105 lb, or 150 lb resistance
  • (1) Anchor

Stroops Accelerator was designed to help fighters gain the power they need to accelerate swiftly and effortlessly in the round. The Accelerator also helps fighters overcome several common weaknesses in the round: loss of momentum, unfinished moves, and getting stuck under the opponent. Similar to the Takedown, which recruits the muscle groups used for bursts of speed during close combat, the Accelerator focuses on the specific muscle groups needed for speed and stamina across a broader radiusup to 30 feet. More importantly, the resistance from behind simulates the resistance imposed on the fighter from the opponent, which closely mimics the dynamics of actual combat. Fighters gain the same training benefits of pushing against an opponents force without the wear and tear. After training with the Accelerator, fighters gain the strength, stamina, and momentum they need to keep moving, finish moves, and quickly recover from takedowns.

Popular drills with the Accelerator for Grapplers are:

  • Takedown chain wrestling
  • Defensive slides to reactive sprints (set up cones & sprint to them when called)
  • Abdominal Crunches
  • Shrimping & Reverse Shrimping
  • Stand ups from a referee's position
  • Lateral bridge walking (take of shoulder straps and put around waist
  • Frog hops
  • Partner Bear Crawls with full body extensions

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