Rubber Bouncing Medicine Balls | TKO (509CMB)

Sizes: 2-20 lbs.
Uses: Schools, Home Gyms and Studios
Medicine Ball Rack OPTIONAL



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TKO 509CMB Rubber Bouncing Medicine Balls – TKO commercial quality bouncing medicine balls never lose their shape because they are made from a durable weighted rubber shell specially designed to withstand normal impact. If you like to take your training outside, TKO medicine balls are weather proof and their robust design makes them popular with boot camps and physical education classes. Each med ball features an easy-to-grip double-dimpled rubber surface for effective tossing and catching.

Take your weighted medicine ball training outdoors! There are many benefits associated with training outdoors including lots of fresh air, the vitamin-D enriched sunshine beaming down on you while you train, etc.. But for medicine ball training, using them outdoors gives you plenty of room to properly execute exercises like swings and throws without the hindrance of nearby obstacles holding you back.

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Available Individual Balls:

  • 509CMB-2 - 2 lb. Commercial Medicine Ball
  • 509CMB-4 - 4 lb. Commercial Medicine Ball
  • 509CMB-6 - 6 lb. Commercial Medicine Ball
  • 509CMB-8 - 8 lb. Commercial Medicine Ball
  • 509CMB-10 - 10 lb. Commercial Medicine Ball
  • 509CMB-12 - 12 lb. Commercial Medicine Ball
  • 509CMB-15 - 15 lb. Commercial Medicine Ball
  • 509CMB-18 - 18 lb. Commercial Medicine Ball
  • 509CMB-20 - 20 lb. Commercial Medicine Ball

Available Package Set:

  • 509CMB-SET-509MB10 - (1 each) 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 15 lbs. with 509MB10 Med Ball Rack
    • Total weight of medicine balls: 57 lbs.
    • Rack Frame Color: Silver
    • Rack Assembled Dimensions: 72" H x 15" W x 22" D
    • Rack is adjustable for use using two sides or one side only
    • Minimal assembly required for med ball rack

Med Ball Features:

  • Commercial rated weighted ball that bounces
  • Heavy duty rubber construction is designed to withstand normal impact and holds shape at all times
  • Larger diameter for easy handling and more challenging workouts
  • Ball Diameters:
    • 2 and 4 lbs. = 7.5" Diameter
    • 6, 8 and 10 lbs. = 9" Diameter
    • 12, 15, 18 and 20 lbs. = 11" Diameter
  • Easy-to-grip double-dimpled non-slip rubber surface
  • Weather resistant for outdoor use
  • Light starter weights ideal for kids and beginner medicine ball users
  • Two-tone color of Red and Grey
  • Note: NOT designed to be a slam ball and will not hold up to this type of use – If slam exercises are desired, a rebounder is recommended
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on Med Balls


  • Schools
  • Home gyms
  • Garage gyms
  • Outdoor boot camps and physical education classes
  • Fitness studios

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