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Tuff Stuff PXLS-7910 Pro-XL Half Rack for Commercial Gyms and Clubs
Tuff Stuff PXLS-7910 Pro-XL Half Rack for Commercial Gyms and Clubs
Tuff Stuff PXLS-7910 Pro-XL Half Rack for Commercial Gyms and Clubs Tuff Stuff PRO-XL Half Rack with Optional PXLS-7924 Wood Platform Inset TuffStuff PXLS-7901 Self Aligning Adjustable Bench (Optional) TuffStuff PXLS-7994 Horizontal Bumper Plate Rack (Optional)

Proformance Plus PXLS-7910 Half Rack - The Proformance Plus Barbell Half Rack by TuffStuff Fitness might have a modest footprint allowing you to save crucial floor space in your gym, but that is the only thing modest about this power rack that offers all the bells and whistles of much bulkier full-sized racks. The primary use of the power rack, or squat rack as it is often referred to, is for leg and back training through compound lifts like squats, front squats, good mornings, shrugs, and partial deadlifts. As if that list of exercises doesn't offer enough variety, suspension loops and band pegs enable you to use resistance bands with almost any lift. The bands add resistance to the lockout of most lifts when attached to the pegs and lessen resistance in the difficult first few inches (out of the hole on squats and off the chest on bench presses) when attached to the suspension loops. A multi-grip pull-up station turns the half rack into an upper body blaster as well, allowing you to train your mid-back and lats with a number of different grips, all of which slightly change the focus of the training stimulus. The spacious work area allows you to easily slide an adjustable weight bench in to train your chest, shoulders, and triceps with staple lifts like flat bench presses, narrow or close grip bench presses, incline presses, and seated overhead presses. Of course, you can also do standing presses, push presses, and jerks out of the rack. Though you might get a few angry stares from hard core gym members who think the rack is no place for curling, you can even work your biceps out of it with straight bar curls.

In addition to the myriad exercise variety the Proformance Plus Weight Training Half Rack offers, it is loaded with important safety features. The subtle, 7° slant allows you to much more naturally and easily rack and unrack weights than is possible on a rack with vertical (90°) uprights. Swing Lock™ bar catches and quick change Lever Lock™ Safety Spotters rated to a staggering 900-pound weight capacity adjust in 3" increments, while the integrated J-hook design features quick change 1" solid steel Swing Lock™ bar catches. This might sound like a lot of fancy-speak but the take-home message is simple: whether you are 6'3" or 5'3" and whether you squat 800 pounds or 100 pounds, you can quickly set this rack to your unique body structure and use it with complete confidence that its not going to fail if you miss a lift. At the end of your workout, weight horns and two Olympic bar holders provide ample room to store your plates and bars until the next training session.

IRON COMPANY® is the EXCLUSIVE GSA Dealer for Tuff Stuff Fitness Proformance Plus and PRO-XL Sports Performance exercise equipment to the military and government. All Tuff Stuff Fitness products bearing the Exclusive GSA Dealer logo above are on GSA contract exclusively through IRON COMPANY® GS-07F-0104M through the GSA Advantage program. For GSA quotes and ordering please contact or call 1-888-758-7527.

TuffStuff Proformance Plus Half Rack Specs and Features:

  • Dimensions: 53" L x 65 W" x 97" H
  • Frame Construction: Heavy 3" x 3" x 7-gauge and 2" x 3" x 11-gauge tubular steel construction designed using CAD software
  • Frame Fabrication: Deep penetrating 1/4" MIG welds and Grade 8 ANSI Standard bolts
  • Frame: 7° slant design ensures natural and safe racking position
  • Design: Space saving design goes where many other full size racks cant
  • J-Hooks: Integrated J-hook design (Patent Pending) featuring quick change 1 solid steel Swing LockTM bar catches
  • Spotter Arms: Swing Lock™ catches and quick change Lever Lock™ Safety Spotters (rated to 900 lbs. weight capacity) adjust in 3 increments
  • Pull-up Station: Durable-welded knurled zinc plated multi-grip pull-up station for wide, narrow, reverse and neutral grip upper body exercises
  • Weight Horns: Twelve heavy duty weight horns provide ample room to store weight plates of all sizes
  • Attachments: Storage hooks, suspension loops and power band pegs offered as standard features
  • Bar Storage: Two built-in Olympic bar holders keep bars within easy reach
  • Finish: Electrostatically applied 8-step powder coat finish includes 5 separate steel cleaning and preparation steps, pre-powder drying step and oven curing finish step. TuffStuff exceeds the industrys highest standards for corrosion control to provide the ultimate protection for customers such as the US Navy
  • Color Availability: See drop down menu or color chart below. Custom colors available at an upcharge. Please call or email to inquire
  • Uses: Use for performing muscle and strength building prime mover lifts such as squats, bench presses and overhead presses
  • Weight: 410 pounds
  • Assembly: Some assembly may be required
  • Anchoring: All frames designed to anchor to floor; refer to owners manual for anchoring requirements
  • Optional Platform: Multiple-layer design, 2" thick platform and inset available with 3/4 solid oak hardwood center or all rubber
  • Government Purchase: Available for purchase through IRON COMPANY® contracts GSA GS-07F-0104M and CMAS 4-12-78-0066A
  • Proudly Made In The USA

What are the benefits of purchasing a TuffStuff Half Rack?:

  • 7° slant design ensures natural and safe racking position
  • Compact design leaves more room for other equipment
  • Standard features include weight horns, Olympic bar holders, storage hooks, suspension loops and power band pegs
  • Spotter arms have a 900 lb. weight capacity providing maximum safety for all users
  • You choose frame colors

Click here to view Tuff Stuff PXLS-7910 specifications brochure

Standard Frame Color Options (click below to enlarge)
Proformance Plus Frame Colors
Matte Black, Platinum Sparkle, Sky White, Twilight Blue, Charcoal Texture and Wrinkle Black
(in order from left to right)

OPTIONAL Accessories:

  • PXLS-7901 Self-Aligning Adjustable Bench
    • Custom designed for use with PXLS-7910, 7920, 7930, and 7950 cage models
    • Back support adjusts from lat to 85 degree upright
    • Built-in handle and wheels for easy roll-away option
    • For use with or without platform
    • Specify frame color and upholstery color upon placement of order
  • PXLS-7994 Horizontal Bumper Plate Rack
    • Stores most size Olympic plates or bumper plates
    • Built-in wheels for easy roll away
    • Wrinkle Black standard frame color
    • Plates sold separately
  • PXLS-7996 Spotter Platforms (Pair)
    • Heavy duty platform provides optimum strength and durability
    • Easily inserted to base frame uprights
  • PXLS-7997 Landmine
    • Heavy duty rotating holder for use with Olympic bar
    • Built-in magnetic holder to easily store landmine in the upright position against cage frame

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PXLS-7996 Spotter Platforms
PXLS-7996 Spotter Platforms
PXLS-7997 Landmine
PXLS-7997 Landmine

All Tuff Stuff Fitness Proformance Plus and PRO-XL exercise equipment exceeds the minimum neutral salt spray corrosion testing requirements as specified by the US Navy.
Click here to see the Neutral Salt Spray Laboratory Testing Report

Tuff Stuff Fitness warrants to the original purchaser that Tuff Stuff Fitness equipment will be free from defects in material and workmanship. All warranty periods begin to run from the date of delivery to the original purchaser. The warranty and remedies set forth herein are conditioned upon proper storage installation, use and maintenance and conformance with any recommendations of Tuff Stuff Fitness. This warranty does not cover products not manufactured by Tuff Stuff Fitness or products which are altered without the express written consent Tuff Stuff Fitness.

This warranty as specified:
Full Commercial Warranty (Proformance, Cal Gym and XL Series Products more than 5 hours of use per day):

  • Frames and Welds - 10 Years
  • Linear Bearings, Pull-Pins, and Moving Parts - 1 Year
  • Finish, Platforms, Rubber Grips, Logos, Rubber Mats, and All Other Parts - 90 Days

TuffStuff PXLS-7910 Half Cage Footprint
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Need help selecting the best half rack for your garage gym, school weight room or commercial gym? Contact an IRON COMPANY® fitness equipment specialist today at 1-888-758-7527 or email

Shipping Included
Shipping cost included within the lower 48 states only

Ships via one of our various freight carriers on a wooden pallet. This delivery is considered a curbside delivery only and will be delivered to a location at your address that is acceptable for a tractor trailer at the drivers discretion. Customers are required to be present at the time of delivery to sign the delivery receipt. On most deliveries, customers will receive a 24-hour notification call and lift gate service.

Territory restrictions apply. Not available in all markets.

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