Portable Wooden Gymnastics Rings and Straps -- Apollo Athletics (G-RING-WOOD)

One Pair of Rings and Straps
Apollo Athletics G-RING-WOOD Wooden Gymnastics Rings and Cam Buckle Straps
Apollo Athletics G-RING-WOOD Wooden Gymnastics Rings and Cam Buckle Straps
Apollo Athletics G-RING-WOOD Wooden Gymnastics Rings and Cam Buckle Straps

Portable Wooden Gymnastics Rings and Nylon Cam Buckle Straps - Apollo wooden gymnastics training rings and nylon straps are designed and built to be strong and durable for heavy-duty workouts in high traffic areas such as CrossFit boxes. Each wooden ring is 9" in diameter with a thickness of 1.2". The surface has been sanded and buffed for a comfortable grip that is non-slip with or without the use of chalk. Nylon straps are made from durable 1.5" wide webbing and have a length of 18' for a functional range of 9' to accommodate different height anchor points as well as gymnastics ring exercises, such as handstands or shoulder presses, that require a longer strap. A quick adjusting cam buckle makes strap length adjustments quick and easy between exercises or when training with another person of a different height. And the straps and cam buckles have a combined weight rating of 1,000 lbs. per side for maximum safety in all environments. Wooden rings are versatile too. They are portable and can be attached to any anchor point, such as a wooden beam, tree branch or squat rack, that can safely handle the weight of the user. Using your own bodyweight as a source of resistance combined with the instability that rings provide is an incredibly effective way to build lean muscle and raw strength with a minimal equipment investment.

What are the advantages of wooden gymnastics rings compared to plastic rings? The biggest advantage wooden gymnastics rings have over plastic gymnastics rings, commonly referred to as "ABS" or "Synthetic", is the gripping surface. Plastic rings tend to be very smooth and slick making chalk a necessity. Wood by nature will absorb sweat and oils from the hands making for a non-slip surface suitable for any exercise being performed. If needed, wooden rings are also the best at holding chalk for an even more secure grip when performing such exercises as the muscle-up. Natural wood rings are also just a bit heavier than most plastic rings which most find will offer a more substantial and secure feel when gripping.

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Wooden Gymnastics Rings and Straps Specs and Info:

  • Ring Diameter: 9.0"
  • Ring Thickness: 1.2" which are ideal for normal size adult hands
  • Ring Material: Wood
  • Straps: 1.5" W x 18' L with a functional range of 9'
  • Weight Capacity: 1,000 lbs. per side
  • Uses: Garage gyms, schools, CrossFit boxes, commercial gyms
  • Anchor Point: 9-13' high anchor points are ideal. Make sure the chosen anchor point offers plenty of clearance and can easily hold your weight
  • Installation: Insert strap from underneath the buckle and slide in the same direction that the arrow on the buckle points. This will ensure that the teeth of the cam buckle can grab the webbing properly. Always pull on your rings after installing them to make sure each of the straps is secure and locked into place before performing any exercise
  • Storage: Always store your wooden rings in a dry place
  • Shipping Weight: 3.2 lbs.

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