Balance Pads® Balance Pads and Balance Pods are used for rehabilitation, coordination and balance training. Balance Pods are a great tool for balance training and motor skill development and can be arranged in any position and stepped on from one to another. Balance Pads are made of durable closed cell foam and come in oval and rectangular shapes. Balance Pads can be used by themselves or can be incorporated with other handheld exercise items such as dumbbells or stretch bands. Balance Pads are easy to clean and store either at your home or at the gym.

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Balance Pad
Deluxe Balance Pad - 6 Pack -- Aeromat EcoWise (AEROMAT-ECO-83401-6PACK)
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Deluxe Balance Pad - 6 Pack -- Aeromat EcoWise (AEROMAT-ECO-83401-6PACK)
Includes 6 Deluxe Baland Pads