Balance Pads / Beams

Balance Pads and Balance Pods are used for rehabilitation, coordination and balance training. Balance Pods are a great tool for balance training and motor skill development and can be arranged in any position and stepped on from one to another. Balance Pads are made of durable closed cell foam and come in oval and rectangular shapes. Balance Pads can be used by themselves or can be incorporated with other handheld exercise items such as dumbbells or stretch bands. They are easy to clean and store either at your home or at the gym.

Foam Balance Beams help improve balance and tone muscles in kids and adults. Since they are made out of foam and elevate the user only inches off the ground, they are safe to use without fear of falling. Made from the same closed cell foam as balance pads and foam rollers, these Balance Beams hold their shape and are easy to clean. Use wide side down for maximum stability or narrow side down for increased challenge and instability.

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Aeromat Inflatable Balance Pods
Inflatable Balance Pods -- Aeromat (AEROMAT-33308-33313)
Your Price: $35.00
Inflatable Balance Pods -- Aeromat (AEROMAT-33308-33313)
6" and 12" Diameters Available
Move! Exercise Kit w/Carry Bag
Move! Exercise Kit w/Carry Bag – Ironcompany (MOVEKIT)
List Price: $99.99
Your Price: $89.99
You Save: $10.00 (10 %)
Move! Exercise Kit w/Carry Bag – Ironcompany (MOVEKIT)
Great For Home or Travel!