D-Ball Manufacturing

D-Ball Manufacturing has been the exclusive manufacturer of USA Made Slam Balls since 1989. With slammer ball weight sizes ranging from just a ½ lb. and graduating to a monstrous 300 lbs., D-Ball makes both the lightest and the heaviest Slam Balls in the industry which makes them suitable for all applications including rehabilitation, strength training, cardio training and slam ball training for general conditioning.

D-Ball Slammer Ball Construction - Not all slam balls are created equally. The shell of the slam ball is the first line of defense against impact from slamming the ball against floors and walls. If there is any compromise in shell construction and quality, your ball can tear or burst prematurely. D-Ball creates the thickest slam ball shell, or cover, in the industry which is a 3/8” thick flexible PVC material produced through a rotational molding process. Most other slam ball manufacturers in the industry don’t come close to a 3/8” shell as it cuts into their profit margins. As for the filler, unlike other balls that can be filled with sand that draws moisture and can clump together and harden, D-Ball features their own proprietary filler blend that insures moisture will not build and the balls will maintain their shape.

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