Self-Guided SMART In-Home Boot Camp Package -- Prism Fitness Group (400-150-204)

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Prism Fitness SMART In-Home Boot Camp Package
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Prism Fitness Group Self-Guided SMART In-Home Boot Camp Package - The SMART Boot Camp Package from Prism Fitness Group is an in-home fitness training package which provides the basic tools for a complete core workout involving strength training, balance and flexibility, and aerobic exercise. The Boot Camp Package is designed to suit every lifestyle and fitness aspiration, while doing it in the comfort of your home. Many people do not have an entire room at home to dedicate exclusively to fitness nor the space to accommodate several workout machines for strength, cardio, and stretching. The In-Home Boot Camp Package is intended to create a functional training zone no bigger than the space surrounding a single exerciser if necessary. With a mini strength band, a pair of Quick Switch Handles and three interchangeable resistance cables, a 6 pound SMART medicine ball, and a portable kettlebell where you can change the weight and fill material, you can perform a functional strength routine without the need for dumbbells or bulky weight machines. The Speed Jump Rope will give you the cardio boost you need for interval training. Stretching, balance, and recovery are easily performed using the educational SMART stability ball, exercise mat, and roller, each imprinted with exercise routines and techniques. Since the In-Home Boot Camp provides so many workout tools that can be used independently, you can create a fun and safe workout session involving your spouse or significant other, as well as your children. Alternate who gets to be the boot camp instructor to vary your exercise sessions and increase workout motivation and participation through group interaction. And, since the Boot Camp Package is designed for portability, you can take your workout outside to the back yard or park when the weather is good!

Don't stare at your training tools, wondering what to do with them. Exercises may be obvious to a personal trainer, but the rest of us need help and reminders, which is why Prism Fitness Group has launched the Smart family of Self-Guided Fitness Products. Multiple exercises on each product guide users through an effective workout program. The In-Home Boot Camp Package features the innovative SMART Self-Guided Instruction on the exercise mat, stability ball, roller, and medicine ball to take the individual or family through a comprehensive and safe workout at home.

SMART Boot Camp Package Includes:

  • (1) Self-Guided SMART Mat - 6mm Thick - Yellow (400-150-130)
  • (1) Self-Guided SMART Roller - 6” x 24” - Green (400-150-020)
  • (1) Self-Guided SMART Stability Ball - 65 cm - Green (400-150-011)
  • (1) Self-Guided SMART Medicine Ball - 6 lb. - Orange (400-150-002)
  • (1) Portable Kettlebell - Regular (0-30 lbs fill capacity) - Black/Red (400-400-002)
  • (1) Fitness Cable - 20 lb. Resistance - Purple (400-230-002)
  • (1) Fitness Cable - 30 lb. Resistance - Pink (400-230-003)
  • (1) Fitness Cable - 40 lb. Resistance - Magenta (400-230-004)
  • (1) Pair SMART Quick Switch Handles (400-160-001)
  • (1) Mini Flat Resistance Band - Medium Strength - Green
  • (1) SMART Speed Jump Rope (400-540-310)


  • Exercises are printed on exercise mat, roller, stability ball, and medicine ball for easy reference
  • Commercial-grade product can be used in any environment


  • Shipping Dimensions: 24” x 16” x 14”
  • Shipping Weight: 19 lbs.

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Product Name: Self-Guided SMART In-Home Boot Camp Package -- Prism Fitness Group (400-150-204)
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