Martial Arts Flooring

USA Made MMA Flexi-Rolls and Mats by Dollamur are the ultimate in martial arts and wrestling flooring solutions. In fact, they are currently used in over 5,000 high schools and colleges and can be seen in more tournaments than any other mat supplier in North America. Why is Dollamur the best gym flooring solution? Quality! Dollamur Flexi-rolls outlast standard mats and won’t tear or crack at the folds. Ever had your martial arts mats shrink or harden over time? Dollamur won’t! Dollamur is also the cleanest and most sanitary mat on the market thanks to its proprietary HomeShield Anti-microbial surface.

Dollamur Flexi-Roll Tatami style mats and martial arts flooring solutions are ideal to be used as mixed martial arts mats, wrestling mats, gymnastics mats, cheerleading mats, fitness mats and yoga flooring.

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