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MostFit™ CORE HAMMER Fitness Sledgehammer - What are the benefits of sledgehammer workouts? Sledgehammer training builds power and core strength through explosive muscle engagement and challenges your cardiovascular system. Working out with a sledge hammer also improves grip strength, speed and agility, core stability, focus and accuracy, and balance. It's great for competitive athletes, crossfit enthusiasts, fitness freaks, and even casual exercisers. While a dynamic and fun exercise for athletic development, traditional sledgehammer swings also require access to large tractor tires that are not only bulky and take up a lot of space in a workout facility, but are hard to move and limit workouts to the dedicated cross-training area of the gym or crossfit box. MostFit has created the first "tireless" sledgehammer that offers a completely portable sledge hammer workout WITHOUT the need for a tire. Safely enjoy your favorite sledgehammer exercises in your driveway or garage, in the yard, at the gym, or in the parking lot outside the office. Perform hammer slams, hammer swings, paddle lunges, and other great functional training exercise progressions. Weighing in at only 8 or 12 pounds, the Core Hammer can go anywhere that you go. Take your high intensity training to the streets!

Core Hammer

How tough is the Core Hammer? When it comes to construction value, the Core Hammer has no equal. MostFit invested 3 years of research and development into the Core Hammer before they felt they had a superior product to unleash upon the fitness market. First, it is next to impossible for the head to become separated from the handle. A steel pin extends through and then one inch past the handle diameter in both directions, over which the hammer head is then molded with urethane. During the over molding process the urethane goes not just over the cross-pinned handle, but actually through the cross-pin hole itself thus creating an inseparable bond between handle and head. The Core Hammer's head does not have a weighted core (like many urethane encased dumbbells and plates), but rather is a SOLID sphere of urethane. This is necessary so that the Core Hammer has the ability to absorb 3000 pounds of impact during the hardest of strikes. If urethane were simply molded over an iron or steel core, it would eventually separate from repeated impact. Urethane is the most hard-wearing substance to use for free weight equipment since it does not peel, crack, smell, fade, or discolor over time. Urethane will also not leave black scuff marks on the surface that you are striking (as rubber would). Urethane is a far superior elastic substance to use for an application involving strikes and slams, as it does not have the same high "bounce-back" properties as rubber. A rubber mallet or hammer head could indeed bounce back and strike the exerciser in the face if enough force is exerted during the swing. Urethane, on the other hand, offers much more "dead bounce" upon impact given the high absorption properties, meaning the hammer will only rebound back to about waist height (which is also the right position to reposition hands for the next strike). Finally, MostFit has perfected their urethane composition so that it is extremely temperature resistant to variations in hot or cold climate. Not only will the hammer head not expand in size in hot weather or contract in cold weather, but it will not become more "bouncy" and have a higher rebound after impact like some elastic products affected by temperature increases.

GSA and CMAS Purchasing - The MostFit Core Hammer is available for purchase on IRON COMPANY® GSA contract GS-07F-0104M and CMAS contract 4-12-78-0066A. IRON COMPANY® is the EXCLUSIVE GSA-contracted distributor for MostFit core training equipment.


  • (1) Core Hammer Fitness Sledgehammer

Available Sizes:

  • 8 pound Core Hammer (CH1)
  • 12 pound Core Hammer (CH12)


  • Solid urethane head
  • Cylindrical handle with solid fiberglass core surrounded by plastic
  • Comfy no-slip rubber grip
  • Withstands extreme force
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Can be used on any non-decorative surface:
    • Solid cement
    • Concrete
    • Asphalt
    • Rock
    • Compacted soil or dirt
    • Industrial carpet
    • Commercial rubber flooring
  • Portable fitness equipment
  • Patent Pending
  • Colors: Blue handle with black grip and black head

NOTE: Although the Core Hammer is meant to be used as a self-contained exercise apparatus and can be used without an impact tire, it is still a hammer and can cause damage to whatever surface it impacts. Not recommended for use on tile, floating laminate flooring, hard wood flooring, and other decorative surfaces that could be cracked, broken, or loosened by high impact strikes. Use common sense when using the Core Hammer!


  • Head Size: 7" Diameter (CH1) / 8.25" Diameter (CH12)
  • Handle Length: 32"
  • Handle Diameter: 1" x 1.25"
  • Rubber Grip Length: 15" from base of handle
  • Overall Length: 38" (CH1) / 39.5" (CH12)
  • Shipping Dimensions (boxed): 42.5" x 8" x 8"
  • Shipping Weight: 10 lbs. (CH1) / 13 lbs. (CH12)
  • Warranty: 1 Year for regular wear and tear (excludes damage from improper use or overexposure to sun or water)

How to perform Core Hammer Fitness Sledge Hammer Swings:

  1. Make sure you are in a safe space with clearance from objects and people.
  2. Place dominant hand just under the head of the Core Hammer, and other hand firmly at the tail end of the handle.
  3. With both feet planted, bend your knees and hips slightly and engage your core.
  4. Extend the Core Hammer overhead, head end first, as you extend your body vertically while inhaling.
  5. While keeping your core engaged, exhale as you pull the core hammer down and drop your body into a squat position.
  6. Slide the top hand down to meet the bottom hand before impact.
  7. At the top of the rebound pull the Core Hammer into your body while keeping your chest up and hips back. Replace your dominant hand under the head of the Core Hammer.
  8. Repeat and perform for sets or to point of exhaustion.
  9. For variation, alternate hand position after completion of each set of repetitions.
  10. Don't forget to breathe and have fun!

Hammer party! The portability of the MostFit Core Hammer allows multiple users to get a workout at the same time. This is a great way to work out with friends or train multiple clients in a boot camp or functional training gym. You don't need a bulky tire so you can all slam away at once

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Looking for fitness sledge hammers in bulk for group fitness or boot camp instruction? Contact an IRON COMPANY® cross-training gear specialist today at 1-888-758-7527 or email

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CORE HAMMER Fitness Sledge Hammer with Impact-Absorbing Urethane Head -- MostFit (CORE-HAMMER)
CORE HAMMER Fitness Sledge Hammer with Impact-Absorbing Urethane Head -- MostFit (CORE-HAMMER)