E-Z Lift Iron Olympic Plates with Slotted Grips – Ivanko (OMEZS)

Plate Sizes: 1.25-45 lbs.
Packages: 257.5-1,265.5 lbs.
Uses: Garage Gyms, School Weight Rooms and Commercial Gyms



Ivanko OMEZS E-Z Lift Iron Olympic Plates w/Slotted Grips - Using the same 7-slot grip pattern as the Ivanko OUEZ urethane encased barbell plates, the OMEZS (Olympic Machined E-Z Slot) features a fully machined cast iron surface that is smooth to the touch and free of unsightly blemishes. Ivanko cuts no corners in the manufacturing of these plates and their painting process is no exception. Each OMEZS is fully coated with a German engineered, polyester based, hammertone finish that is baked until fully cured to be chip resistant. This resilient finish helps protect underlying cast iron from the elements as well as metal to metal contact with other plates. And the stated weight of each plate is dependable and extremely accurate. Your bar and equipment will always remain perfectly balanced.

Why choose grip plates over standard Olympic barbell plates? Up until about 1993, for the most part, Olympic plates consisted of slim-line and deep dish options from a handful of manufacturers. Handling the heavier 45 lb. and 100 lb. sizes was a bit cumbersome and we can probably all recall a story or two of someone we know dropping one of these plates on their toes because it slipped out of their hands. Ouch! The weight lifting plate sporting built-in hand grips couldn't have come too soon for all us iron junkies out there. Now instead of a less than sufficient flange running the circumference of the plate, we now had roomy grip holes or slots we could fit our entire hand into allowing us a safe and secure grip to load or unload plates onto a bar or machine. No more smashed toes! While most grip plates entering the market included between one and three integrated handles, Ivanko shook up the fitness world with their 7-hole design. The look was awesome and the first question that popped into everyone's head was "With all those holes, how could that plate possibly weigh 45 pounds?". The 7-slot not only looked cool but was very functional, as well. Whether you're grabbing plates off a plate holder, bar, or a machine, wherever you place your hand there is a handle waiting. This is not only convenient, but helpful when performing drop sets or quickly removing plates for any other reason.

Need a custom plate package or a bulk order quote? Call an IRON COMPANY® Ivanko product specialist today at 1-888-758-7527. You can also email quotes@ironcompany.com.

Available Plate Pairs:

  • One pair each 25, 35 or 45 lbs.

Sets Include:

  • OMEZS-257.5 - (2) 1.25, (2) 2.5, (4) 5, (2) 10, (2) 25, (2) 35 and (2) 45 lb. plates (257.5 lbs. total)
  • OMEZS-632.5 - (2) 1.25, (4) 2.5, (6) 5, (6) 10, (4) 25, (2) 35 and (8) 45 lb. plates (632.5 lbs. total)
  • OMEZS-1265.5 - (2) 1.25, (8) 2.5, (12) 5, (12) 10, (8) 25, (4) 35 and (16) 45 lb. plates (1,265.5 lbs. total)

Plate Features:

  • 7-fully machined gripping slots are shaped to allow the hand to grip, carry and maneuver with ease and comfort
  • Standard diameter, round shaped plates integrate easily with other brands of iron plates if needed
  • Fully machined smooth on back and outer edge/face of circumference
  • High quality cast iron contains no air pockets, no putty filler, no impurities
  • Accurate weight tolerance
  • German engineered, chip resistant polyester paint is baked on for superior durability
  • Letters and weight markings are painted in brightly colored paint for easy legibility from far distances
  • Plate Weight Markings: lbs. with kgs. available upon request
  • 1.25, 2.5, 5 and 10 lb. plates (OM series) are solid with NO grip slots
  • Starting weight of only 1.25 lbs. allows for micro-loading for safer weight jumps when needed
  • Ideal for plate loaded gym equipment and Olympic bars in commercial gyms
  • Very attractive plate design adds character to any weight room

NOTE: These cast-iron plates are manufactured by sand casting. They are not machined from solid billet. Due to the inherent nature of the sand casting process, no two plates are exactly alike. Variations will occur. Among these variations are surface consistency and porosity. These variations do not constitute defects, but are inherent to the casting process.


  • Garage gyms
  • School weight rooms
  • Commercial gyms
  • CrossFit boxes
  • Military fitness
  • Training studios

Caution - These Ivanko plates may only be compatible with an Ivanko bar. The hole size of an Ivanko Olympic plate is 50.2mm (1.976 inches) minimum to 50.8mm (2.00 inches) maximum. This diameter may be too tight for other bars. To avoid returns, if you are unsure of the compatibility of these plates with your bar please contact an IRON COMPANY® sales rep before you buy.

Shipping Included

25-45 lb. Pairs = UPS cost included within the lower 48 states only.

257.5, 632.5 and 1,265.5 lb. Sets = Freight cost included within the lower 48 states only.
Ships via one of our various freight carriers on a wooden pallet. This delivery is considered a curbside delivery only and will be delivered to a location at your address that is acceptable for a tractor trailer at the drivers discretion. Customers are required to be home at the time of delivery to sign the delivery receipt and help offload the individual packages from the tail end of the truck. On most deliveries, customers will receive a 24-hour notification before the delivery is made.

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