Contoured Leather Dipping Belt -- Schiek (L5008-B5008)

Available in Treated or Black Suede Leather


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Schiek Sports 5008 Contoured Leather Dipping Belts - The 5008 Series Contoured Dipping Belts by Schiek are a training tool that can help build strong and muscular triceps and to a lesser degree, the pecs. Each belt is crafted from genuine leather, with your choice of treated or suede leather, that is stitched and riveted for maximum durability in residential and commercial gyms. What makes the Schiek dip belt quite possibly the most comfortable dip belt in the industry is a few unique features. First and foremost is the Patented contoured, or "tapered", sides of the belt. This ergonomic shape works to avoid the hip bones to eliminate uncomfortable pinch points especially when going heavy. The 7" wide back offers a large coverage area which distributes the added weight more evenly throughout the lower back. And the built in padding is the third feature that really makes this belt stand out in comfort and performance among all others.

What exercises are dipping belts used for? Using a dip belt is a great way to increase resistance during bodyweight exercises for accelerated size and strength gains. If your rep count per set has reached 15 to 20 reps or more, you may want to consider a dip belt to increase the load on the muscle for better results. There are a few different exercises that can be done with a dip belt. Performing pull-ups with additional weight is a great way to add width and thickness to the lats. Weighted tricep dips will develop mass and power in all three heads of the tricep giving you the sought after "horseshoe" look. Belt squats with a dip belt are an extremely effective way to train legs and since there is no weight pressing down on the spine, people with back issues find these to be a great alternative to traditional barbell squats.

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Dipping Belt Specs and Features:

  • Includes: One dip belt with chain and carabiner
  • Material: Genuine treated leather or suede leather
  • Construction: Riveted and stitched
  • Shape: Contoured shape for better integration with the hip bones
  • Inside Padding: Padded on the inside throughout the back for maximum comfort when using heavy weight
  • D-Rings: Includes a riveted nickel plated D-ring on each side for connecting the chromed steel chain
  • Rivets: Steel rivets for maximum structural integrity
  • Chain: 24" heavy steel chain with spring loaded steel carabiner
  • Weight Compatibility: Use with Olympic weight plates and kettlebells
  • Weight Rating: Up to 90 lbs. of weight plates or kettlebells
  • Colors: Available in Treated Leather or Black
  • Measurements: 40" Long | 7" wide back for better weight distribution across the lower back
  • Sizes: One size fits most
  • Uses: Use for increasing resistance for dips and pull-ups
  • Weight: 4 lbs.

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Contoured Leather Dipping Belt -- Schiek (L5008-B5008)
Contoured Leather Dipping Belt -- Schiek (L5008-B5008)