StrongBoard Balance Board with Multi-Spring Technology – StrongBoard Balance (SB-BALANCE)

Instability Trainer
10 Customizable Spring Colors
Promotes Core Stability, Balance, Strength
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StrongBoard Balance Trainer with Multi Spring Technology

StrongBoard Balance Board - NEXT LEVEL BALANCE TRAINING™ – The StrongBoard Balance Board by StrongHold Fitness is a unique, multidimensional balance trainer that can be integrated into any functional fitness workout routine to promote core stability, balance, and strength. The American-made StrongBoard Balance Board consists of four heavy duty steel springs positioned beneath an industrial grade platform designed to support up to 500 pounds of user weight and allowing 360 degrees of movement. Its patented Multi-Spring Technology™ prevents stabilization from occurring during standing exercises. Because the springs serve as a fulcrum, greater instability occurs the further away the feet or hands are placed from the pivot point at the center of the board. This instability forces greater activation of the supporting and stabilizing musculature, creating involuntary muscle contractions and increased core and total body engagement. The unstable surface immediately identifies weaknesses in balance and proprioception which allows users to strengthen, prevent and treat injuries while training. Regular use of StrongBoard promotes advanced and peak performance in any situation. The StrongBoard Balance allows users to train using their own body weight for resistance during full-motion exercises, as well as simulate sport training and tactical movements while holding functional fitness equipment (dumbbells, kettlebell, medicine ball, battle rope, CORE Hammer, stretch tubing), sporting gear (racquet, baseball bat, basketball, paddle board oar), or military/police training gear (rifle, handgun).

Government Purchase: Available for Government and Military purchase through GSA contract GS-07F-0104M and CMAS contract 4-12-78-0066A

How does StrongBoard Balance® work?
One can think of the StrongBoard Balance as a multidirectional teeter totter, with the 6-inch springs creating movement in all three planes of direction (i.e., sagittal, frontal and transverse). The springs act as the fulcrum – where load and effort are continually combating one another in attempts to find equilibrium (balance). This instability creates a number of involuntary muscle contractions not only in the primary movers, but also in the smaller stabilizing muscles. Increased joint angle provides an increase in instability due to more force being required by the muscles and joints to stabilize.

StrongBoard Balance Trainer for Instability Training StrongBoard Balance Trainer with Spring Fulcrum

Wider stance / hand position & increased joint angle → Increased instability
Closer stance / hand position & decreased joint angle → Increased stability

The StrongBoard Balance offers a flat/level, industrial grade platform for standing exercises, which mimics most real life movements and surfaces.

StrongBoard Balance allows its users to customize their board springs to match their unique personality, facility, company, school, or team. Spring Color Customization is available as follows:

Basic Colors

StrongBoard Balance Board with Blue Springs
StrongBoard Balance Board with Red Springs
StrongBoard Balance Board with White Springs
StrongBoard Balance Board with Black Springs
StrongBoard Balance Board with Orange Springs
StrongBoard Balance Board with Yellow Springs

Premium Colors (upcharge applies)

StrongBoard Balance Board with Purple Springs
StrongBoard Balance Board with Pink Springs
StrongBoard Balance Board with Turquoise Springs
StrongBoard Balance Board with Green Springs

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Looking for bulk purchase of StrongBoard Balance Trainers for group fitness instruction or boot camp training? Contact an IRON COMPANY® core training specialist today at 1-888-758-7527 or email


StrongBoard Balance Board for Tactical Training

Military and Tactical Application:

You don't just workout – you need real life movements like lifts, carries, crawls, runs, rucks, swims, and mobility, even analytical and creative thinking – which require mental focus. In real life tactical situations, you need to carry loads that are not equally balanced, on unbalanced surfaces. You have to be able to move, aim, and perform while moving. In real life scenarios, you don't have the luxury of a stair stepper or gym mat. You have to think and move on your feet, on the move. It's a challenge to duplicate those scenarios in your fitness routine.

Whether you're in the military, law enforcement, or a tactical sports enthusiast, StrongBoard Balance can improve your performance. When you're carrying 75 pounds of gear, working in uneven terrain, nothing would prepare you better for that journey than strong muscles that work to keep you balanced, and prevent strain and injury to your tendons and ligaments. Quick focus and reaction time are needed around the clock, whether hiking through the desert or mountains in the dark, or during bad weather. Balance isn't just critical to your mission success – it's critical to your survival. StrongBoard Balance is a movable platform that can simulate shooting from a helicopter, boat or moving jeep. Practice hitting your target while squatting and balancing. Imagine the improvement in your reaction time if your body has already rehearsed and perfected balancing without even thinking about it.

StrongBoard Balance allows military, fire and rescue, law enforcement, protective services, and other emergency personnel to harness the strength needed to perform at their peak in any situation. By utilizing body weight for resistance during full-motion exercises, StrongBoard Balance optimizes the NSCA's Tactical Strength and Conditioning (TSAC) program goals of improving performance, promoting wellness, and decreasing risk of injury for all who serve and protect.

Purchase StrongBoard Balance on GSA contract - All StrongBoard Balance boards can be purchased from IRON COMPANY® on GSA Contract GS-07F-0104M and CMAS Contract 4-12-78-0066A.

Additional Target Applications:

  • Fitness Professional / Personal Training
  • Group X
  • Tabata Workouts
  • Physical Therapy
  • Active Aging / Senior Fitness
  • Sports Performance
  • Boot Camp / High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • New Moms
  • Home Use
  • Family Fitness

StrongBoard Balance Benefits:

  • Experience better overall balance
  • Stronger core
  • Burn more calories in less time
  • Fully functional workout
  • Low impact
  • Increased flexibility and range of motion
  • Huge gains in strength, body awareness and core stability
  • Improvements in energy, stamina, and muscle tone
  • Increased ROM allowing for mulitplanar movement and training
  • Increased motor unit recruitment patterns
  • Increased metabolic activity
  • Increased anaerobic and aerobic capacity
  • Ability to accelerate, decelerate, change directions, and accelerate again
  • Better sports performance
  • Helps prevent sports injuries
  • Increased mental focus and reaction time
  • Integrates with existing conditioning routines and programs – individual or group fitness
  • Benefits every fitness level and goal
  • Versatile enough to appeal to wide range of users, from sedentary seniors to extreme athletes
  • Saves time – Work out in 3-5 minute intervals on your own schedule
  • Work out in your own space
  • Affordable and effective
  • Portable and electricity free
  • Easy to store and maintain
  • Provides a new and unique way to train

OPTIONAL StrongBoard Balance Exercise Poster:

  • 15" W x 20" H – Laminated
  • Customize your full body workout with five individual 10 minute routines:
    • Upper Body – Plank Row | Push-Up | Dumbbell Kickback | Dumbbell Curl
    • Lower Body – Lunge | Uneven Squat | Squat | Single Leg Squat
    • Full Body Beginner – Side to Side Squat Jump | Bridge | Mountain Climber | Tree Pose
    • Full Body Intermediate – Squat to Press | Half Circle | Paddle Board | Windmill
    • Full Body Advanced – Reverse Woodchop | Battle Rope | Dumbbell Lawnmower | Single Leg Dead Lift
  • Suggested 2 sets of 20 reps per exercise

StrongBoard Balance Board Customize your Workout Poster

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OPTIONAL StrongBoard Balance Exercise Manual:

The StrongBoard Balance Exercise Manual is a must have for every gym and StrongBoard owner. This guide is perfect for individual users or personal trainers, as it shows each of the 6 StrongBoard Balance positions and details the primary and secondary muscles being used for each exercise.

  • 5" W x 7" H with rugged spiral binding
  • Every page is full color and coated with 3mm laminate making the book virtually indestructible
  • Comes with 2" x 4" strip of Velcro for easy attachment to the base of the board making it accessible whenever you want to work out
  • Offers basic positions, core fundamentals, and restorative yoga poses:
  • <ul >
  • Basic Moves – Squats | Push-Ups | Lunges | Dips |Half Circles | Step-Ups | Side Planks | Bridges
  • Core Fundamentals – Crunches | Scissors | Pull-Overs | Wipers
  • Upper Body Routine – Hover Teeters | Mountain Climbers
  • Lower Body Routine – Squat Progressions | Teeters
  • Upper Body Circuit – Close Grip Push-Ups | Modified Burpees | Teeter Burnouts | Hover Walk-Outs
  • Lower Body Circuit – Lunge Pumps | Plank Jacks | Step-Ups with Kick | Side Squat Hops
  • Full Body Circuit – Weighted Plank Rows | Side to Side Squat Jumps | Explosive Crossover Push-Ups | Squat to Press
  • Restorative Yoga – Downward Dog | Chaturanga | Warrior 1 | Warrior 2

StrongBoard Balance Laminated Exercise Manual StrongBoard Balance Laminated Exercise Manual Attached StrongBoard Balance Laminated Exercise Manual In Use

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    • Made and assembled entirely in the USA
    • High impact ABS plastic platform and base
    • Platform and base colors: Dark Gray with Black accents
    • 6-inch Springs (4): Hard-drawn MB steel spring wire, class I (0.2830 inch) – meets ASTM A227 standard specifications
    • Vibrant colored powder-coated finish over springs
    • Non-slip textured strips on platform top for sure footing
    • Non-skid rubber feet on underside of base to protect floors and prevent sliding


    • Rated for Commercial use and Residential use
    • 500 pound user weight limit with no compromise in integrity
    • Overall Dimensions: 26" W x 18" D x 10" H
    • Top Platform Standing Area: 23" W x 15" D (at middle) | 11" D (at ends)
    • Base Dimensions: 26" W x 18" D (at middle)
    • Unit Weight: 14.8 lbs.
    • Shipping Dimensions: 26" x 18" x 10"
    • Shipping Weight: 18 lbs.

    StrongBoard Balance Board Made in USA


    • 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty against breakage or malfunction
    • Covers everything structural excluding damage from extreme heat (melting) or water (rusting)

    StrongBoard Balance Board FitProf Best Buy Award


    • Ships by UPS Ground
    • Shipping cost included within the lower 48 states only
    • Additional shipping cost applies to AK, HI, PR