StrongBoard Balance MINI with Multi-Spring Technology – StrongBoard Balance (SBMN-1)

Balance Trainer
4" Chrome Springs
For Physical Therapy, Senior Fitness, Beginners
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StrongBoard Balance MINI Balance Trainer for Physical Therapy
StrongBoard Balance MINI Balance Trainer for Physical Therapy
StrongBoard Balance MINI Balance Trainer for Physical Therapy StrongBoard Balance MINI for Senior Fitness StrongBoard Balance MINI with Multi-Spring Technology USA-Made StrongBoard Balance MINI for GSA VAMC Purchase StrongBoard Balance MINI with Non-Skid Base StrongBoard Balance MINI with Textured Non-Slip Platform StrongBoard Balance MINI Platform for Step-Ups StrongBoard Balance MINI for Single Leg Wall Squat StrongBoard Balance MINI for Physical Therapy Planks StrongBoard Balance MINI for Patient Assisted Squats StrongBoard Balance MINI for Single Leg Balance StrongBoard Balance MINI for Physical Therapy Squats StrongBoard Balance MINI for Physical Therapy Table Use StrongBoard Balance MINI for Ankle and Calf Therapy

StrongBoard Balance Trainer with Multi Spring Technology

StrongBoard Balance MINI - NEXT LEVEL BALANCE TRAINING™ – The StrongBoard Balance MINI by StrongHold Fitness is a one-of-a-kind, multidimensional balance trainer that can be integrated into any fitness routine or rehabilitation program to promote better balance, increased strength, injury recovery, and injury prevention. The USA-made StrongBoard Balance MINI features a non-slip platform which rests upon four compression springs, allowing individuals to train in 360 degrees of movement using their own body weight for resistance during full-motion exercises. The primary function of StrongBoard MINI is to strengthen the stabilizing muscles through its patented Multi-Spring Technology™. Simply standing on StrongBoard MINI provides a complete core workout. When performing basic exercises, such as squats or push ups, StrongBoard MINI users experience real results much faster than traditional core workouts targeting the same muscle groups. StrongBoard MINI gives an amazing work out and delivers profound results to persons of all levels of fitness, creating desired changes in how they look and feel and improvement in balance, core strength, agility, and posture.

Why StrongBoard Balance® MINI?
Balance board fitness enhances your proprioception, and strengthens the neural pathways to joints and ligaments, providing you with quicker balance reflexes. Paired with a licensed physical therapist, StrongBoard MINI aids in the recovery of many injuries. It gently increases the patient’s flexibility, range of motion, and strength. Over time with repeated use, exercising with StrongBoard MINI helps rebuild the bridge between the brain and the injured muscle. As users regain strength and decrease the pain associated with the injury, their range of motion increases consequently allowing for increased blood flow and further healing.

How does StrongBoard MINI work?
One can think of the StrongBoard Balance MINI as a multidirectional teeter totter, with the 4-inch springs acting as a fulcrum and creating movement in all three planes of direction (i.e., sagittal, frontal and transverse). The instant you stand on the board, your core muscles immediately engage to keep you balanced. When you're first starting out, you can hold on to something solid such as a heavy chair or counter to assist in balancing. Performing simple exercises such as shifting your weight from leg to leg, or leg lifts, will also engage muscles important to good balance. As you become more comfortable balancing on the board, you won't need the chair or counter, and begin to realize the full benefits of using your entire body weight to balance on the board.

What is the difference between the StrongBoard MINI and the StrongBoard Balance?
If you are very unsure of your balance, sedentary, a less-active senior, recovering from injury, surgery or stroke, or treating a neurological disorder, you may wish to start your balance training program with StrongBoard MINI. Featuring 4" compression springs, StrongBoard MINI is 2" shorter than StrongBoard Balance, making it less "reactive" and closer to the ground. Its innovative design offers the same functions as StrongBoard Balance but with more rigidity, allowing easier use while still providing a full range of motion and 360 degrees of tilt. The StrongBoard MINI is perfect for seniors, those who are afraid of heights, or living with a nervous system disorder. It will still be challenging and you may opt to move up to the StrongBoard Balance when you are ready.

Like the StrongBoard Balance, the StrongBoard MINI offers a flat/level, industrial grade platform for standing exercises, which mimics most real life movements and surfaces. For this reason, and its lesser degree of "teeter", the StrongBoard MINI is also a great complementary fitness tool to a standing desktop and will allow for more prolonged periods of sustained standing to improve core stability, bone strength, and general well-being.

Government Purchase: Available for Government and Military purchase through GSA contract GS-07F-0104M and CMAS contract 4-12-78-0066A

Looking for bulk purchase of StrongBoard Balance MINI Boards for active aging group exercise or VAMC rehabilitation facility? Contact an IRON COMPANY® physical therapy equipment specialist today at 1-888-758-7527 or email


StrongBoard Balance Board for Senior Fitness

Active Aging / Senior Fitness Application:

Throw rugs. Wet floors. Cracked sidewalks. Ice. Toys. Steps. Ladders. Bath tubs and showers. All challenges to our maturing bodies. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), each year, more than one-third of people age 65 or older fall. Falls and fall-related injuries, such as hip fracture, can have a serious impact on an older person's life. If you fall, it could limit your activities or make it impossible to live independently. The NIH recommends that balance exercises, along with certain strength exercises, can help prevent falls by improving your ability to control and maintain your body's position, whether you are moving or still.

Strengthening the 29 muscles of your core – comprised of your stomach, back, hips and pelvis – improves all functional movement, increases balance and stability, recovers posture and thereby reduces the risk of falling. Balance board fitness enhances your proprioception, and strengthens the neural pathways to joints and ligaments, providing you with quicker balance reflexes. Additionally, if you have prior injuries, a balance fitness routine will enhance blood flow to the ligaments and tendons, enhancing the recovery process. With better balance and more strength, you can have a more active lifestyle with family and friends. You'll be more independent and confident. Imagine moving on uneven floor surfaces, playgrounds, step stools and more, with confidence, balance and ease. Pick up and carry groceries, and grandchildren knowing you're physically strong and stable.

Physical Therapy / VAMC Rehabilitation Application:

As a Physical Therapist, you can utilize StrongBoard Balance MINI to help increase your patient’s flexibility, range of motion, balance and strength all at the same time. On the StrongBoard MINI Balance Board, the need to balance is a direct result of your own applied body weight. This opens up neural pathways which restores oxygen and blood flow to the injured area while communicating with the brain, strengthening those neural pathways. Repeated exercises will rebuild and strengthen muscles, as well as connect the pathway between your brain and the injured muscle, repairing the connection to a pre-injury state. As your clients gain strength and reduce pain in the injured area, their range of motion will increase, improving blood flow which brings oxygen to expedite the healing process. Balancing also improves Proprioception around the ligaments and tendons joints and tendons. The stronger those are, the less chance of injury.

Purchase StrongBoard Balance MINI on GSA contract - All StrongBoard Balance boards can be purchased from IRON COMPANY® on GSA Contract GS-07F-0104M and CMAS Contract 4-12-78-0066A.

StrongBoard Balance Benefits:

  • Experience better overall balance
  • Stronger core
  • Burn more calories in less time
  • Fully functional workout
  • Low impact
  • Increased flexibility and range of motion
  • Huge gains in strength, body awareness and core stability
  • Improvements in energy, stamina, and muscle tone
  • Increased ROM allowing for mulitplanar movement and training
  • Increased motor unit recruitment patterns
  • Increased metabolic activity
  • Increased anaerobic and aerobic capacity
  • Ability to accelerate, decelerate, change directions, and accelerate again
  • Better sports performance
  • Helps prevent sports injuries
  • Increased mental focus and reaction time
  • Integrates with existing conditioning routines and programs – individual or group fitness
  • Benefits every fitness level and goal
  • Versatile enough to appeal to wide range of users, from sedentary seniors to extreme athletes
  • Saves time – Work out in 3-5 minute intervals on your own schedule
  • Work out in your own space
  • Affordable and effective
  • Portable and electricity free
  • Easy to store and maintain
  • Provides a new and unique way to train

OPTIONAL StrongBoard Balance Exercise Poster:

  • 15" W x 20" H – Laminated
  • Customize your full body workout with five individual 10 minute routines:
    • Upper Body – Plank Row | Push-Up | Dumbbell Kickback | Dumbbell Curl
    • Lower Body – Lunge | Uneven Squat | Squat | Single Leg Squat
    • Full Body Beginner – Side to Side Squat Jump | Bridge | Mountain Climber | Tree Pose
    • Full Body Intermediate – Squat to Press | Half Circle | Paddle Board | Windmill
    • Full Body Advanced – Reverse Woodchop | Battle Rope | Dumbbell Lawnmower | Single Leg Dead Lift
  • Suggested 2 sets of 20 reps per exercise

StrongBoard Balance Board Customize your Workout Poster

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OPTIONAL StrongBoard Balance Exercise Manual:

The StrongBoard Balance Exercise Manual is a must have for every gym and StrongBoard owner. This guide is perfect for individual users or personal trainers, as it shows each of the 6 StrongBoard Balance positions and details the primary and secondary muscles being used for each exercise.

  • 5" W x 7" H with rugged spiral binding
  • Every page is full color and coated with 3mm laminate making the book virtually indestructible
  • Comes with 2" x 4" strip of Velcro for easy attachment to the base of the board making it accessible whenever you want to work out
  • Offers basic positions, core fundamentals, and restorative yoga poses:
    • Basic Moves – Squats | Push-Ups | Lunges | Dips |Half Circles | Step-Ups | Side Planks | Bridges
    • Core Fundamentals – Crunches | Scissors | Pull-Overs | Wipers
    • Upper Body Routine – Hover Teeters | Mountain Climbers
    • Lower Body Routine – Squat Progressions | Teeters
    • Upper Body Circuit – Close Grip Push-Ups | Modified Burpees | Teeter Burnouts | Hover Walk-Outs
    • Lower Body Circuit – Lunge Pumps | Plank Jacks | Step-Ups with Kick | Side Squat Hops
    • Full Body Circuit – Weighted Plank Rows | Side to Side Squat Jumps | Explosive Crossover Push-Ups | Squat to Press
    • Restorative Yoga – Downward Dog | Chaturanga | Warrior 1 | Warrior 2

StrongBoard Balance Laminated Exercise Manual StrongBoard Balance Laminated Exercise Manual Attached StrongBoard Balance Laminated Exercise Manual In Use

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    • Made and assembled entirely in the USA
    • High impact ABS plastic platform and base
    • Platform and base colors: Dark Gray with Black accents
    • 4-inch Springs (4): Hard-drawn MB steel spring wire, class I (0.2830 inch) – meets ASTM A227 standard specifications
    • Chrome finish over springs
    • Non-slip textured strips on platform top for sure footing
    • Non-skid rubber feet on underside of base to protect floors and prevent sliding


    • Rated for Commercial use and Residential use
    • 500 pound user weight limit with no compromise in integrity
    • Overall Dimensions: 26" W x 18" D x 8" H
    • Top Platform Standing Area: 23" W x 15" D (at middle) | 11" D (at ends)
    • Base Dimensions: 26" W x 18" D (at middle)
    • Unit Weight: 14 lbs.
    • Shipping Dimensions: 26" x 18" x 8"
    • Shipping Weight: 17 lbs.

    StrongBoard Balance Board Made in USA


    • 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty against breakage or malfunction
    • Covers everything structural excluding damage from extreme heat (melting) or water (rusting)

    StrongBoard Balance Board FitProf Best Buy Award


    • Ships by UPS Ground
    • Shipping cost included within the lower 48 states only
    • Additional shipping cost applies to AK, HI, PR