7' Single Parallel Handle Olympic Bar with Solid Ends – T-Grip Barbell (TG-S)

Solid Ends with Non-Rotating Sleeves


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T-Grip TG-S 7' Single Straight Handle Olympic Bar with Solid Ends – The TG-S is a full length Olympic bar engineered by T-Grip Barbell that has single neutral grip handles positioned parallel to each other for execution of bench press or barbell rows during strength training. Parallel grip or neutral grip pressing has been around for a long time; and there are different bars, logs and machines that are used for parallel grip pressing or pulling. Ninety-nine percent of these bars are spin-offs of the widely known multi parallel grip triceps bar with the rectangle center. However, the innovative designs of T-Grip Barbells are different than any other parallel grip bar. The T-Grip Barbell has the advantage of having an angle towards the center of the bar between the vertical handles. This will create open space for the users body which enables you to perform certain movements and exercises that are difficult or impossible to perform with other parallel grip bars that have a "box-frame" design. The T-Grip Barbell is the only parallel grip bar that can be used as an Olympic sized EZ-curl bar, which makes this a universal bar that can be used for the widest range of exercises. The look and feel of the T-Grip barbell is like no other. The comfortable knurled handles will allow you to perform your training with confidence, as you work with the strength, stability and balance of the T-Grip barbell.

T-Grip Barbells are uniquely designed and can be used for a wide variety of training. They are the only parallel grip bars that have the option of a traditional cambered EZ-curl bar that is integrated into the bar design, providing versatility. T-Grip bars are designed with curves that contour to the body, enabling users to perform movements and exercises with comfort, balance and stability. The 7 foot T-Grip bars are crafted with high quality materials to offer superior construction. The Olympic size T-Grip bars are popular in powerlifting, bodybuilding, sport specific training, injury prevention, physical therapy, and recreational fitness training. "Not just a Bar - It's A Brand."

Features and Specifications:

  • Length: 84 inches
  • Weight: 30 lbs.
  • Designed for use with Olympic plates with 2" center hole
  • Premium steel bar shaft with black zinc finish
  • 1.90" diameter non-rotating solid bar ends which may require clamping or compression-style collars (such as Proloc Strongman Collars)
  • Hollow shaft allows lighter starting weight before loading
  • High quality knurled grip on single straight handles
  • Cambered curl bar grips
  • 31.75mm (1-1/4") handle diameter
  • Ergonomic placement of handles is set for the average person or athlete
  • Single parallel handles set 23" apart
  • Designed to fit onto all Olympic-width commercial benches, cages, and racks
  • Safe Weight Load Rating: 500 lbs. +
  • Limited LIFETIME Warranty against manufacturer defects in material and workmanship when used properly for intended use
  • 90 Day Warranty on black zinc coating
  • Designed and patented in the USA


  • It has the feel of a traditional Olympic bar, but is more comfortable and versatile. It is slightly heavier due to the unique diamond handles that provide superior training alternatives. The T-Grip barbell can be used using a neutral grip or as a multi-grip barbell.
  • Break away from conventional bars, and experience an explosion in your training regimen. Use the T-Grip Barbell as a addition to your current training devices.
  • Ideal for all athletes, including strongman competitors who need to practice lifts that will improve their performance (i.e. during the log press). This handles set up for ideal parallel grip pressing.
  • Escape shoulder pain, but continue to experience the benefits of bench pressing and shoulder pressing as can be done with an Olympic style bar. The design of this barbell is unlike any other on the market. It is far more versatile, and made with better quality materials for superior comfort and durability. Its unique design simplifies multi-grip exercises.
  • The T-Grip barbell professionals understand that people have different needs, and therefore they offer several choices of bars. These can complement any body size, any training style, and any demands for weight and space. This spacing not only creates natural motion, it also provides ample room in between the handles to perform all exercises with no interference. During training, the seven foot T-Grip bar can be used in addition to the standard Olympic bar, some might find that it replaces it. At the very least, you will use it very often in your training routine.

Shipping Dimensions (Packaged):

  • 87" x 11" x 4"

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7' Single Parallel Handle Olympic Bar with Solid Ends – T-Grip Barbell (TG-S)
7' Single Parallel Handle Olympic Bar with Solid Ends – T-Grip Barbell (TG-S)