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Forged Passion Leather Powerlifting Belt with Treated Leather, Double Stitching and Nickel Buckle and Rivets
Forged Passion Leather Powerlifting Belt with Treated Leather, Double Stitching and Nickel Buckle and Rivets
Forged Passion Leather Powerlifting Belt with Treated Leather, Double Stitching and Nickel Buckle and Rivets Forged Passion Leather Power Belt Front View with Single Prong, USA Made Stamp and Treated Sole Leather IRON COMPANY Forged Passion Leather Weightlifting Belt Customizeable Date for CrossFit, Bodybuilding and Powerlifting

Forged Passion leather powerlifting belts for squats, deadlifts and other heavy prime movers during powerlifting and CrossFit workouts


Forged Passion Leather Powerlifting Belt - Forged Passion® Leather Powerlifting Belts by IRON COMPANY® are a symbol of quality from top to bottom. They are perfect for providing essential back and abdominal support for squats, deadlifts and other heavy prime movers during powerlifting and CrossFit workouts. Each weight belt is 100% USA Made and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. We use only the highest quality sole leather constructed from two layers giving the user optimal abdominal and back support during the heaviest lifts. Both layers of leather are adhered together and then double stitched forming a permanent bond. Our heavy gauge rivets and buckles are made from nickel plated steel to resist corrosion and retain their aesthetics. A one prong design was chosen for easier in and out which is preferred by most lifters especially after a max set. Thanks to the high quality leather construction, our single prong wont tear away at the leather like thinner, more "affordable belts". All belts have a consistent 4" width throughout and displays a FORGED PASSION EST. 1997 stamp on the back and a USA MADE stamp on the loop. Makes a great belt for deadlifts, squats, overhead presses and other prime movers for CrossFit, powerlifting, bodybuilding and sports training.

Personalize Your Powerlifting Belt! Passion is the difference between being good and becoming the best. Passion propels us forward fueling us with the mental and physical energy to forge ourselves into who we really want to be. Whether you are an athlete, first responder or someone trying to make a difference in the world, our personal passion often defines who we are. When did your journey begin? Personalize your belt with your own custom year marking the beginning of your Forged Passion!

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    Power Belt Specs and Info:

    • Width: 4" (10cm) for maximum abdominal and back support
    • Construction: Two layer design for best performance that wont tear under pressure
    • Thickness: 10mm (0.39") or 13mm (0.51")
    • Stiffness: Your Forged Passion Power Belt is designed to offer maximum support and to last a lifetime. Neither belt thickness is flimsy. 13mm thickness is VERY STIFF for those who do not want a lot of flexibility and prefer a very rigid belt for support. If you are a smaller person and have trouble closing regular weight belts, this belt may not be for you. 10mm thickness offers more flexibility and belt "mobility" with buckle fastening and will loosen up over time more than a 13mm thick belt.
    • Stitching: Double stitched throughout to last a lifetime
    • Prong: Single prong design for easy in and out
    • Treatment: Treated leather is processed with a non-toxic water soluble blend for more suppleness and a darker color
    • Tongue: Tapered tongue for easier adjustments
    • Hardware: Nickel plated steel rivets and buckles for maximum strength and corrosion protection
    • Stamps: All belts include a Forged Passion EST. 1997 logo on back, USA Made stamp on loop and IRON COMPANY stamp on the inside of the belt
    • Custom Stamp: Custom Forged Passion EST. dates are available at no charge. Just indicate the year in the "Order Notes" at checkout. Please be accurate. POSITIVELY NO RETURNS ON CUSTOM STAMPED BELTS
    • Belt Sizes: XS (22-31), S (27-36), M (31-40), L (35-44), XL (39-48) (+ $4.00) and XXL (43-52) (+ $7.00). See size chart below. Make absolutely sure of your size before you order. Contact an IRON COMPANY sales rep if you need assistance
    • Shipping Dimensions: 11" x 9" x 6"
    • Shipping Weight: 5 lbs.

    How to Size your Weight Belt for a Perfect Fit:

    1. Acquire a measuring tape (pliable or seamstress tape is preferred).

    2. Measure around the waist, about 4" above where your pants are. *Note: do not suck in, just measure in a relaxed state.

    3. Take that measurement and use the size guide below:

    X-Small : 22" - 31"
    Small: 27" - 36"
    Medium: 31" - 40"
    Large: 35" - 44"
    X-Large: 39" - 48"
    XX-Large: 43" - 52"

    4. If true waist sizing approaches upper limit of belt sizing range, it is recommended to order the next size larger (to avoid potential exchange).

    5. Weightlifting/Powerlifting Belts are worn well above where we wear our shorts or pants (above the hip bones). Most people are inclined to use their pant size for a weightlifting belt which causes the belt to be returned for a different size causing delays and extra costs to the buyer for shipping and restocking.

    6. If there is any doubt to your belt size, please contact us as we will be more than happy to help!

    Please allow up to 15-20 business days (3-4 weeks) manufacturer production lead time prior to shipping. This is a hand-crafted item made specific to each order that goes through several stages of fabrication prior to completion.

    Power Belt Warranty:

    • Warranty: Guaranteed For Life to the original purchaser under normal use

    • Shipping Included: Shipping included to the continental US only. HI, AK and International order shipping will be calculated after order is placed and emailed for approval before balance is charged