Heavy Grips Professional Hand Grippers -- Heavy Sports (HG)

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Heavy Sports Heavy Grips Professional Hand Grippers - Heavy-Duty Handgrippers by Heavy Sports are manufactured using solid aluminum handles that are medium knurled for maximum grip and comfort and high quality spring steel that retains its memory and tension strength over time. Hand strength and forearm strength dictates our overall grip strength and can easily be our weak link in everyday life, in sport and certainly in the gym. A weak grip can affect everything from brining in the groceries, to dragging a fire hose up a ladder to being able to properly train various muscle groups with dumbbells and barbells. Using Heavy Grips Professional Hand Grippers by Heavy Sports will significantly increase grip strength with proper training that is kept consistent. Heavy Grips come in six different sizes starting with light resistance grippers rated at 100 lbs. all the way up to heavy resistance grippers with an intimidating 350 lb. rating. People that will benefit from using Heavy Sports Professional Handgrippers are rehabilitation patients, the aging, sports athletes, first responders, weightlifters, weekend warriors and professionals. The truth is, there is not anyone on the planet that would not benefit from a stronger and more sustainable grip.

Lightweight Hand Grippers Lightweight hand grippers are always a smart choice for beginners. Without any experience it is impossible to gauge what gripper resistance you should start with. 100 and 150 lb. Heavy Grips are recommended for beginners to begin developing their grip strength. Lighter sizes will begin strengthening the muscles in the fingers, hands and forearms and should be light enough to close the handles completely. Beginning with light resistance grippers will get you prepared to graduate toward heavier sizes.

Gripper Training for Beginners and Intermediates Here are a few basics to help you begin your gripper training with your new Heavy Grippers:

  • As with any exercise routine, begin with 1-2 warm up sets of 8-12 reps so that the joints, muscles and tendons are ready to begin.
  • For strength gains, select a gripper size that will allow you to complete five sets of five repetitions.
  • For increasing forearm size, select a gripper resistance that will allow you to complete 6-10 repetitions.
  • Whether you are training for strength, size, or both, your reps should be fast and explosive.
  • When your rep count is consistently exceeding your selected rep range on the last set, begin using the next size Heavy Grip.
  • For maximum results, train with your Heavy Grips 2-3 times per week.

Heavy-Duty Hand Grippers Heavy-Duty hand grippers are usually for those that have been training for some time. These folks are either seasoned weightlifters, sports competitors or hand grip users. For users that already have a strong grip, we recommend purchasing the HG-200 or above so that your grip is properly challenged and your grip strength increases can continue to improve. For those with unusually strong hand gripping strength, a Heavy Grip 350 could prove to be very challenging although not an impossible feat. Anyone that can fully close an HG-350 truly possesses a bone crushing grip.

Gripper Training for the Advanced Here are a few advanced tips on how to help take your gripping strength to the advanced level:

  • Perform 1-2 warm up sets of 8-12 reps with a very lightweight gripper.
  • With the heaviest grip possible, perform 2-3 sets of 5-8 reps making sure to try to fully close the grip handles with each rep.
  • Next use an inverted grip with the gripper upside down and attempt the same 2-3 sets of 5-8 reps. The inverted grip tends to target the index and middle fingers and the forearm muscles associated with these fingers.
  • Negatives can also be performed at the end of your hand gripper workout. Use the heaviest resistance possible for negatives. Begin the exercise by fully closing the grip with both hands. When your working hand grip is set, take the second hand away and hold the gripper closed as long as you can for 5-7 seconds each time. 1-2 sets per hand is sufficient for negatives.

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Single Grippers Include:

  • One each of 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 350 lb. Heavy Grips

Gripper Package Deals Include:

  • HG-P100-150 One each of 100 and 150 lb. resistance Heavy Grips
  • HG-P150-200 One each of 150 and 200 lb. resistance Heavy Grips
  • HG-P200-250 One each of 200 and 250 lb. resistance Heavy Grips
  • HG-P250-300 One each of 250 and 300 lb. resistance Heavy Grips
  • HG-P100-150-200 One each of 100, 150 and 200 lb. resistance Heavy Grips
  • HG-P100-150-200-250 One each of 150, 200 and 250 lb. resistance Heavy Grips
  • HG-P100-150-200-250-300 One each of 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 lb. resistance Heavy Grips
  • HG-P100-350-SIXPACK One each of 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 350 lb. resistance Heavy Grips

Heavy Grips Hand Gripper Features:

  • Resistance Levels: 100-350 lbs. are engraved on the inside of handles for easy size identification
  • Resistance Testing: Heavy-Grips are tested in the middle of the gripper using the 'Twist-torque' method measured in Newton.metres(N.m) and convert to inch-force-pounds
  • Springs: Heavy-duty steel springs are fully coated for protection against rust
  • Grip Handle: Solid aluminum with medium knurl that is chromed
  • Lightweight and compact for using anywhere
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty Against Breakage


  • Improved absolute and sustained gripping strength
  • Better hand circulation
  • Greater range of motion in finger joints
  • Bigger and stronger forearms
  • Improved performance in sport

Click Here for Warranty and Return Information regarding Heavy Grip Hand Grippers

NOTE: Upcharges could apply for International and APO deliveries.

NOTE: We cannot accept returns on grips that have been taken out of the package. Please make sure to not order grips that are too tough for you to close. If you are not sure, please start with the 100 and work your way up.

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All Grippers and Gripper Packages = UPS cost included within the lower 48 states only.

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Heavy Grips Professional Hand Grippers -- Heavy Sports (HG)
Heavy Grips Professional Hand Grippers -- Heavy Sports (HG)