54" Cambered EZ-Curl Olympic Bar – Iron Grip (OB-EZ)

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OB-EZ Iron Grip 54" Cambered EZ-Curl Olympic Bar - The Iron Grip OB-EZ Olympic curl bar is an oversized 54 long bar designed to be compatible with racks and benches that are common in most commercial gyms. This high quality Iron Grip curling bar is forged right here in the USA from premium heat treated, turned, ground and polished high tensile strength steel. The satin industrial chrome finish is both beautiful to look at and tough as nails for providing maximum protection to the underlying steel. Unlike "decorative" chrome, industrial chrome finishes will never peel, flake or chip which makes for a longer lasting, more aesthetically pleasing bar. The OB-EZ cambered design works to alleviate unnecessary pressure and torque on the wrists while utilizing pronated and supinated grips during bicep and tricep training. A 28.6mm bar shaft with medium knurling is comfortable and secure for both men and women during all EZ-curl bar exercises. And the fully machined steel sleeves rotate effortlessly thanks to the maintenance-free Nylatron bushings.

What are the advantages of using an Iron Grip EZ-Curl Bar? How much does an EZ-Curl bar weigh? The answer to that, at least in this case, is 30 lbs. which happens to be just one of the benefits of using an EZ-Curl bar compared to a full sized 7 long Olympic bar. EZ-curl bars are typically used for isolation resistance training that involves smaller muscle groups such as the arms. Biceps and triceps inherently use far less weight than most the other muscles in the body, such as the chest and back. Therefore, utilizing a weightlifting bar with a lower starting weight can be beneficial, and safer, for both men and women. How is the weight of an EZ-curl bar reduced down to only 30 lbs. which is 14 lbs. lighter than a 7' Olympic bar? This is done by shortening both the bar shaft and weight sleeves to cut the total length down to only 54". This shorter length and lighter weight makes the EZ-curl bar much easier to manage and balance especially for the beginner.

Perhaps one of the biggest training advantages the shorter EZ-curl bar offers over the longer Olympic bar is its unique shape. This cambered bar gives the appearance of a "W" which creates multiple grip angles you can take advantage of to better isolate different heads of the biceps and triceps muscles. Taking a narrow underhanded, or "supinated" grip, on the EZ-curl bar puts the hands in a semi-neutral position which helps alleviate the torquing on the wrists as you perform a bicep curl. Using the narrow supinated grip on the EZ-curl bar while keeping the elbows out during a standing curl or preacher curl is a great way to isolate the outer head of the biceps. Similarly, widening the grip and bringing the elbows in will isolate the inner bicep head. For building thick and powerful forearms, train with the EZ-curl bar using a reversed, or "pronated", grip. Altering the width and angle of the grip is also beneficial when training the triceps and is much easier on the wrists compared to a straight bar when performing close grip tricep presses.

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  • Includes: One 54" Olympic bar
  • Construction: Steel bar and sleeves
  • Total Length: 4' 6" (54)
  • Grip: Medium diamond knurling (narrow and wide grip areas)
  • Grip Diameter: 1.125" (28.6mm)
  • Bar Shaft Length: 32.75"
  • Satin Finish: Abrasion resistant industrial hard chrome on the bar shaft and sleeves will not chip, peel or flake like "decorative" chrome found on inferior bars
  • Bar Rotation: Nylatron bushing design for low friction spin
  • Sleeve Assembly: Unique retaining ring design to axially position the bar sleeve and attach it to the shaft. Sleeves are press fit to collars under extremely high pressure without the use of pins or bolts for maximum strength and reduced maintenance
  • Sleeve Length: 9.5" loadable sleeve length
  • Sleeve Diameter: 1.965"
  • Sleeve Collars: Patented six-sided anti-roll bar collars
  • End Caps: Steel end caps
  • Plate Compatibility: Olympic plates with 2" center hole ONLY
  • Collars: NOT included
  • Uses: US Military Installations, Government Fitness Facilities and Commercial Gym Chains
  • Warranty: 5-Year warranty against breakage to the original owner
  • Storage: As with any Olympic bar, store indoors out of the elements
  • Proudly Made In The USA
  • Weight: 30 lbs.
  • Ship Weight: 33 lbs.

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NOTE: Iron Grip hard-chromed commercial Olympic bars are manufactured specific to each order. Lead times will vary seasonally based on manufacturer production schedule and order demand. Estimated lead time will be confirmed at time of order or quotation.

Iron Grip sales to WA and TX are subject to sales tax. Military and federal government destinations are tax-exempt. Supplemental sales tax for WA or TX will be calculated after order is placed and you will be notified by an IRON COMPANY® sales rep within 24 hours for additional payment to be collected prior to placement of order with manufacturer.

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