Olympic Calibrated Powerlifting Plates – Ivanko (CBPP)

Plate Pairs: 0.5-25 kg
Package: 238.5 kg
Uses: Commercial Gyms and Competitions



Ivanko CBPP Olympic Calibrated Powerlifting Plates - Offering extreme accuracy within only 10 grams of the stated weight, the CBPP Calibrated Powerlifting Plate by Ivanko Barbell is the only International Powerlifting Federation (I.P.F.) approved plate in the Western Hemisphere. These are the same series of discs used previously at the I.P.F. World Championships.

Plate sizes range from just 0.5 kgs. up to 50 kgs. and all are designed and machined to have the thinnest profile available for minimal space usage on the bar. A slim powerlifting plate is ideal for allowing room on the bar for lifts exceeding 400 kgs.. 15-50kg. plates are color coded using USA made electrostatically applied paint for easy weight plate identification from any distance. Purchase your Ivanko calibrated weightlifting plates by the pair or in one of our pre-configured cost saving packages.

Need a custom package or a bulk order quote for calibrated weightlifting plates? Call an IRON COMPANY® free weight equipment specialist today at 1-888-758-7527. You can also email quotes@ironcompany.com

Available Plate Pairs:

  • One pair each 0.5, 1.25, 2.5, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 50 kgs.

Available Set:

  • CBPP-238.5KG - (2) .5, (2) 1.25, (2) 2.5, (2) 5, (2) 10, (2) 15, (6) 20 and (2) 25 kg plates (238.5 kg | 524.7 lbs total set weight)

Plate Features:

  • International Powerlifting Federation (I.P.F) approved
  • Precision calibrated and balanced (better than 10 grams accuracy)
  • Thin profile to allow more room on the bar
  • Powerlifting plates are color coded (15-50kg only) for easy weight identification from any distance
  • 0.5, 1.25, 2.5, 5, and 10 kg plates are black
  • Fully machined surfaces for smooth finish and balance
  • Electrostatically painted for added impact resistance and longevity
  • Letters and weight markings are painted in brightly colored paint for easy legibility from far distances
  • Center holes are drilled, NOT cast, for most accurate and consistent fit on Olympic bars
  • Starting weight of only 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs.) allows for micro increments when needed

CBPP Size Chart:

  • 0.5 KG Plates - Black | 5-5/16" diameter x 5/16" thick
  • 1.25 KG Plates - Black | 6-5/16" diameter x 1/2" thick
  • 2.5 KG Plates - Black | 7-1/2" diameter x 10/16" thick
  • 5 KG Plates - Black | 8-14/16" diameter x 13/16" thick
  • 10 KG Plates - Black | 12-1/2" diameter x 13/16" thick
  • 15 KG Plates - Yellow | 15-6/16 diameter x 13/16" thick
  • 20 KG Plates - Blue | 17-3/4" diameter x 3/4" thick
  • 25 KG Plates - Red | 17-3/4" diameter x 1" thick
  • 50 KG Plates - Green | 17-3/4" diameter x 1-14/16" thick


  • Commercial gyms
  • Powerlifting competitions
  • Barbell clubs
  • Sports performance centers
  • Professional sports teams
  • College weight rooms
  • Military fitness

Caution - These Ivanko plates may only be compatible with an Ivanko bar. The hole size of an Ivanko Olympic plate is 50.2mm (1.976 inches) minimum to 50.8mm (2.00 inches) maximum. This diameter may be too tight for other bars. To avoid returns, if you are unsure of the compatibility of these plates with your bar please contact an IRON COMPANY® sales rep before you buy.

Shipping Included

0.5 kg thru 25 kg Pairs = UPS cost included within the lower 48 states only.

50 kg Pair and 238.5 kg Set = Freight cost included within the lower 48 states only.
Ships via one of our various freight carriers on a wooden pallet. This delivery is considered a curbside delivery only and will be delivered to a location at your address that is acceptable for a tractor trailer at the drivers discretion. Customers are required to be home at the time of delivery to sign the delivery receipt and help offload the individual packages from the tail end of the truck. On most deliveries, customers will receive a 24-hour notification before the delivery is made.

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