4-3/4" Leather Contoured Olympic Weight Lifting Belt -- Schiek (L2004)

Sizes: XS to XXL
Color: Natural Oiled Leather


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Schiek Sports 4-3/4" Leather Contoured Olympic Weight Lifting Belt - The Schiek L2004 is a leather Olympic weight lifting belt for those who like the strength and firmness of a traditional leather belt but want a more comfortable customized fit. The L2004 at first glance may look like a standard leather weight belt with its stainless steel two-pronged buckle and natural oiled leather, but look closer and you'll begin to notice many design enhancements you wont find on any other leather belt.

Unlike most weight lifting or powerlifting belts that are either one width throughout or are wide in the back and skinny in the front, the L2004 integrates with the actual anatomy of the body, specifically all its natural curves in the area where the belt makes contact. On the sides of the body lies the hip bones and lower rib cage. Schiek works with these two areas by providing a contoured shape that rides above the hips and below the ribs. This allows the belt to seat properly around the mid section for maximum support throughout the abdominal wall and spine during the lift. Another unique and very important feature of the L2004 is the downward angle, or "cone" shape, throughout the back of the belt. This downward angle couples with the natural angle of the lower back allowing much better support than that of a straight cut provided by a regular belt. And to further fill in any gaps between the belt and the spine and to ensure maximum comfort during each rep of every set, there is a closed cell foam lumbar support. And finally, since one of the most important functions of a weightlifting belt is to provide a surface for the abdominal wall to push against for creating maximum intra-abdominal pressure and spinal support, the L2004 expands in the front to 4-1/8". So if you're a fan of "old school" leather weight lifting belts but want the comfort of a synthetic belt, consider the Schiek L2004 as your next belt.

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Olympic Weight Lifting Belt Specs and Features:

  • Includes: One leather weight belt
  • Material: Extra firm natural oiled genuine leather
  • Closure: Double prong closure with stainless steel buckle
  • Buckle: Heavy-duty stainless steel buckle
  • Belt Padding: Closed cell foam lumbar support
  • Belt Thickness: 1/4" thick
  • Front Width: 4-1/8" for additional abdominal wall support
  • Back Width: 4-3/4" wide at the back
  • Construction: Utilizes copper rivets and stitching throughout for superior strength and longevity
  • Shape: Patented contoured shape for better integration with the hips and ribs
  • Fit: Superior fit that conforms to any size or shape. Patented downward angle (cone shape) fits the natural shape of the lower back
  • Sizing: Be sure to measure around the waist at navel height to determine best belt fit
  • Sizes: XS (24"-28"), S (27"-32"), M (31"-36"), L (35"-41"), XL (40"-45") and XXL (44"-50")
  • Uses: Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Cross-training, etc.
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Warranty: Two year warranty against manufacturer defects during normal use. Customer responsible for applicable shipping costs
  • Legal: Covered under U.S. Patent 5,146,488, Patent 5,086,758. Other U.S. and foreign patents pending Copyright 1998

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4-3/4" Leather Contoured Olympic Weight Lifting Belt -- Schiek (L2004)
4-3/4" Leather Contoured Olympic Weight Lifting Belt -- Schiek (L2004)