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Stroops Slastix Knock Out Punch - Fulfill the maximum potential force created by the upper body in MMA... Read More

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Stroops Slastix Knock Out Punch - Fulfill the maximum potential force created by the upper body in MMA training. Seasoned fighters understand that an effective strike requires more than simply learning to punch. To master the strike, a fighters body must be conditioned to use proper body mechanics in every movement, from the pinky to the shoulders. Stroops Knockout Punch was designed to apply resistance to specific points on the fighters body, which trains him to adapt proper body mechanics and strike form. The Knockout helps align the elbows preventing unnecessary arm movements keeping the elbows tucked close to the body.

The difference between the Cobra and the Knockout Punch is power vs quickness. If youre looking to deliver the Knockout blow to your opponent, the applied variable resistance of the Knockout Punch exerts tremendous pull on every muscle used in striking. The Knockout Punch enables the athlete to recognize and feel how the muscles work properly together for a more powerful blow.


  • (2) punch straps
  • (2) Slastix®
  • (1) Anchor

How It Works:
Attach one end of each Slastix band to the anchor, and then attach the other end to the D-ring of the punch cuff on each hand. Next, have a partner or trainer hold the anchor and stand behind the athlete as he/she engages in shadow boxing, sparring with a partner, or takedown drills. With resistance pulling the athlete from behind, his/her abdominal muscles contract, causing the hips and shoulders to rotate as he/she leans forward and extends the arm through for a powerful strike. Once the hand is fully extended, the Slastix resistance encourages proper form as the arm quickly retracts to a defensive position. (Note: It is recommended to wear a shirt while training).

Stroops Knock Out

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Slastix Knock Out Punch | Stroops (KO)
Slastix Knock Out Punch | Stroops (KO)