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TireFlip 180 Functional Training Machine for Tire Flipping – The Abs Company (TIREFLIP-180)

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Tire Flip 180

The Abs Company TireFlip 180 - The TireFlip 180 from The Abs Company is a commercial-rated functional training tool featuring a half tractor tire mounted on a 180-degree rotating pivot for the purpose of performing tire flip exercises by oneself or with a partner in a stationary location. Tire training combines total-body strength, raw power, cardio and agility all in one workout. The start-to-finish motion of flipping a tire uses your whole body providing a dynamic combination of muscles for a great workout that taxes both the muscles and aerobic system. It's one of the best, and most physically demanding, strength and conditioning workouts you can do. Since tires come in all sizes and weights, tire training can add a new dimension to any fitness conditioning program, regardless of age, gender, athletic ability, or fitness conditioning level.

Tire training has been around for years and is undeniably a great way to get fit. But there's a big problem tractor tires take up a lot of room and it's often unsafe to have a huge tire moving around the gym. Tire training requires a long and wide lane so that large rubber tires can be flipped repeatedly end-over-end from the starting point of the training zone to the finish line on the other end. Then, the exerciser moves around to the opposite side of the tire, reverses direction, and does it all over again until the body gives out. Recycled tractor tires can weigh hundreds of pounds, making them a hazard to equipment, mirrors, and other exercisers who may happen to get in their way when mishandled, rolled out of control, or flipped off-balance in a direction not intended by the athlete. Since several tires of different diameters, width, and weight are needed to cater to those of various skill and strength levels, gym owners will also find themselves faced with a literal mountain of ugly junk yard tires taking up valuable real estate against the wall or in a corner of the gym better suited for other cross-training equipment (not to mention being an eyesore). Some gyms and crossfit boxes will take the tires to the pavement and use parking lots and commercial delivery lanes as training zones. Landlords and neighboring tenants cringe at the thought of runaway tires hitting parked cars, not to mention the potential liability of outdoor training with group fitness athletes running around in auto traffic zones.

tractor tires at gym

Not all gym facilities are willing to take on the challenges of making tire flipping accessible and available to their members. The TIREFLIP 180 solves these problems, and does a whole lot more! The TireFlip 180 comes in 2 sizes: the standard TireFlip 180 and the heavier TireFlip 180XL. Taking up only 4' x 5', the space saving design requires only 20 square feet of dedicated floor space (about the same size as the average bench press) to give your boot camp members and personal training clients an exciting and effective workout like they've never experienced before. Plus, each model allows you the ability to add free weight resistance to give you a broader training range so there is no longer a need to have multiple tires in your facility to accommodate all users.

Flip it. Step on it. Jump on it! Anything you can do with an actual tire you can do with the Tire Flip 180 because it is a real tire. The TireFlip 180 uses only brand new tires rather than used tires to avoid any previous tire tread wear, imbedded sharp objects, or exposed tire wires. Do all the things you would with a traditional tire including:

  • Tire flips
  • Plyometric jumps
  • Step-ups
  • Push ups
  • Heavy rope exercises

For solo tire flipping, partner training, circuit training, or small group training the TireFlip 180 is the perfect functional training device to deliver challenging, effective, and fun workouts in a safe, space-saving exercise zone. Revolutionize your tire training!

"Having the Tire Flip 180 in our gym truly gives us something to brag about. It is multi-functional, space conscious, and easy to use. The Tire Flip catches the eye of everyone that walks buy and definitely sparks their interest. We use it as a selling point to every prospect." - K. Black, Retro Fitness (Yorkville, NY)


TireFlip 180

  • Unit dimensions: 4' x 5'
  • Height (with tire in resting position): 24"
  • Unit weight: 293 lbs.
  • Training range: 100 to 140 lbs.
  • Starting tire weight: 100 lbs.
  • Additional plate loading weight: Up to 40 lbs.
  • Plate loading configuration: Two weight posts will each accommodate up to four 5 lb. TireFlip Weights (sold separately)
  • (4) Sound reducing rubber bumpers / sound baffles

TireFlip 180XL

  • Unit dimensions: 4' x 5'
  • Height (with tire in resting position): 30"
  • Unit weight: 353 lbs.
  • Training range: 160 to 240 lbs.
  • Starting tire weight: 160 lbs.
  • Additional plate loading weight: Up to 80 lbs.
  • Plate loading configuration: Two weight posts will each accommodate up to four 10 lb. TireFlip Weights (sold separately)
  • (6) Sound reducing rubber bumpers / sound baffles

TireFlip 180 and TireFlip 180XL Features:

  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Open frame design on both sides allows complete freedom of movement without impediment for safety and more natural form during each flip
  • Matte Black color powder coated frame finish
  • Cushion pillow block mounted bearings
  • 180 degree tire travel
  • (6) Base foot plates with non-skid rubber pads for stability
  • (2) Weight posts with tethered magnetic locking pins inside tire carriage designed for use with TireFlip Weights to increase training load range above starting base weight (use 5 pound weights for TireFlip 180 and 10 pound weights for TireFlip 180XL)
  • (2) Battle rope anchors for group training
  • (8) Floor mounting points will ensure that the TireFlip will always be secure in your workout area (floor mounting is optional and not required)
  • Weight Storage Post provides a clean, safe, and orderly place to store weights when not in use | Clamps around the crossbar of any current or earlier version of the TireFlip 180 or 180XL models (available as an aftermarket retro attachment kit for earlier models, contact a Sales Rep for more info)
  • Transport wheels and welded handles for "tip-and-roll" mobility
  • Minimal assembly required
  • U.S. patent
  • International patents pending

Click here to view the TireFlip 180 specifications brochure

OPTIONAL Add-On Weights:
The purpose of TireFlip Weights is to guarantee that the training ranges of each model are met utilizing incremental weight jumps. TireFlip Weights have a steel core and center hub and are urethane coated for ultimate durability and to dampen noise during use. They are designed to withstand shock and vibration flip after flip. Four Olympic-sized TireFlip Weights will fit onto each weight post located inside the tire carriage.

Abs Company TireFlip Add-On Weights

  • 5 Pound Weights are designed for use with the TireFlip 180. (8) Weights (40 pounds total) provide a training range of 100 to 140 lbs. in 5 lb. increments on the TireFlip 180. Individual weight dimensions: 8.5" diameter, 0.7" thickness.
  • 10 Pound Weights are designed for use with the TireFlip 180X. (8) Weights (80 pounds total) provide a training range from 160 to 240 lbs. in 10 lb. increments on the Tire Flip 180XL. Individual weight dimensions: 8.5" diameter, 1.0" thickness.

Abs Company TireFlip 5 Pound Add-On Weights Abs Company TireFlip 10 Pound Add-On Weights


  • Shipping dimensions: 59" L x 33" W x 32" H
  • Shipping weight (inside wooden crate): 407 lbs. (TireFlip 180) | 474 lbs. (TireFlip 180XL)
  • Shipping Freight Class 100
  • Crated units can ship 2 units high (for multiple unit orders)

Commercial Warranty:

  • 3 Years - Frame
  • 1 Year - Rubber Parts

NOTE: NOT intended for strikes with sledgehammers or macebells. Striking the TireFlip may damage frame inside tire and will void warranty.

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Ships via one of our various freight carriers on a wooden pallet. This delivery is considered a curbside delivery only and will be delivered to a location at your address that is acceptable for a tractor trailer at the drivers discretion. Customers are required to be present at the time of delivery to sign the delivery receipt and help offload the individual packages from the tail end of the truck. On most deliveries, customers will receive a 24-hour notification call and lift gate service.

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