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Fractional Olympic Weight Plates - Urethane -- American Barbell (FRU)

Pound sizes from 0.25 to 1 lb
Kilogram sizes from 0.5 to 5 kg
Available as Pairs and Sets

American Barbell Urethane Fractional Olympic Weight Plates in Pounds or Kilograms - Fractional Plates from American Barbell are urethane coated Olympic plates designed for smaller incremental weight jumps during Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, and technique training. Bumper plates in most gyms are not found smaller than 10 pounds in weight. American Barbell Fractional Plates in Pounds allow you to increase lifts by as little as one half pound, one pound, one and a half pounds, or two pounds. Stack multiple fractional plates on each end to create custom combinations of incremental weight jumps to meet your specific training progression needs. While bumper plates in kilograms can be found as light as 5 kilograms in full 17-3/4 inch to 18 inch sizing, those thinner plates are much less durable than their thicker and heavier counterparts even when placed side-by-side during use, and often experience warping and breakage from repeated slams to floor over time. American Urethane Kilo Fractional Plates range in diameter from 5-3/4" for 0.5 kilogram size to 10-1/4" for 5 kilogram size, meaning they will never come in contact with the ground during deadlifts, clean and jerks, snatches, and other high impact weightlifting and powerlifting movements. Fraction plates, also known as change plates and record breakers, are a valuable micro-loading tool for progressive strength training to overcome plateaus, learn technique, reach the next level in strength gains, and increase your personal best.

What are the advantages of urethane for fractional Olympic plates? American Barbell Fractional Plates in Pounds and Kilograms are covered in hard-wearing, German urethane. Rubber coated plates have a tacky feel, can have a bad odor, can fade in color, and can split or tear over time. Once a rubber coating is torn open, the metal core beneath is more susceptible to rust and risk of breakage. Urethane, by comparison, is the most durable coating for an Olympic weight plate. Urethane has no odor, and its surface is smooth and glossy making it easier to keep clean. Urethane will not split at the seams, tear open, scuff off, deteriorate, or discolor from sunlight or bright UV lighting. American Barbell Urethane Fraction Plates are coated not just around the plate but also within the center hole so that they will not scratch bar sleeves coated in hard chrome, stainless steel, or black oxide. Because there is no exposed metal, Urethane Fractional Plates will not rust and are great for outdoor training and garage gyms. This center hole urethane coating also means the plates will grip the bar well and slide less during use. The heavy urethane coating surrounding the metal core helps to control impact vibration so that plates are less likely to bounce far if accidentally dropped and also less likely to damage unprotected floors or other equipment. American Barbell Fractional Plates are color coded and thicker than traditional metal fractional plates for easy locating, identification, and handling.

Available Urethane Fractional Plate PAIRS:

  • FRU-.25LB-PR - 0.25 Pound Plate Pair (0.5 lbs total weight) - Green
  • FRU-.5LB-PR - 0.5 Pound Plate Pair (1.0 lbs total weight) - Yellow
  • FRU-.75LB-PR- 0.75 Pound Plate Pair (1.5 lbs total weight) - Blue
  • FRU-1LB-PR - 1 Pound Plate Pair (2.0 lbs total weight) - Red
  • FRU-.5KG-PR- 0.5 Kilogram Plate Pair (1.0 kg total weight) - White
  • FRU-1KG-PR - 1 Kilogram Plate Pair (2.0 kg total weight) - Green
  • FRU-1.5KG-PR - 1.5 Kilogram Plate Pair (3.0 kg total weight) - Yellow
  • FRU-2KG-PR - 2 Kilogram Plate Pair (4.0 kg total weight) - Blue
  • FRU-2.5KG-PR - 2.5 Kilogram Plate Pair (5.0 kg total weight) - Red
  • FRU-5KG-PR - 5 Kilogram Plate Pair (10.0 kg total weight) - White

Available Urethane Fraction Plate SETS:

  • FRU-LB-SET - Includes (1) Pair each: 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1 Pound Plates (4 Pairs, 5 lbs total weight)
  • FRU-KG-ST - Includes (1) Pair each: 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 5 Kilogram Plates (6 Pairs, 25 kg total weight)

Features and Specifications:

  • Premium German urethane coating
  • Solid cast iron metal core is completely coated so plates will not scratch bars
  • Odorless
  • Smooth, glossy finish
  • Color coded and stamped with pound or kilogram weight increment for quick reference
  • Compatible with Olympic bars
  • Inside hole diameter: 1.999" to 2.001" tolerance
  • Plate dimensions by weight increment:
    • 0.25 lb - 0.499" thickness / 3.750" outside diameter
    • 0.5 lb - 0.748" thickness / 3.752" outside diameter
    • 0.75 lb - 0.502" thickness / 3.748" outside diameter
    • 1.0 lb - 1.001" thickness / 4.128" outside diameter
    • 0.5 kg - 0.640" thickness / 5.250" outside diameter
    • 1.0 kg - 0.998" thickness / 4.020" outside diameter
    • 1.5 kg - 0.501" thickness / 6.980" outside diameter
    • 2.0 kg - 0.835" thickness / 7.375" outside diameter
    • 2.5 kg - 0.850" thickness / 8.175" outside diameter
    • 5.0 kg - 10.236" outside diameter
  • Warranty: 3 years against breakage, excludes normal wear and tear and negligent use
  • NOTE: Pound plates will have GP Industries logo branding as shown in manufacturer stock photos instead of American Barbell logo branding

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