Marrs-Bar Safety Squat Bar For Weightlifting | IRON COMPANY (MARRS-BAR)

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Marrs-Bar Safety Squat Bar For Weightlifting | IRON COMPANY (MARRS-BAR)
Marrs-Bar Safety Squat Bar For Weightlifting | IRON COMPANY (MARRS-BAR)
Marrs-Bar Safety Squat Bar For Weightlifting | IRON COMPANY (MARRS-BAR) Marrs-Bar safety squat bar balances the payload and removes strain and discomfort from the shoulder joints during back squats. Marrs-Bar safety squat bar for hands free front squats.

Marrs-Bar Safety Squat Bar For Weightlifting - The Marrs-Bar Safety Squat Bar is designed to greatly reduce discomfort and imbalance when performing barbell back squats, front squat and lunges. If you’re shopping for the best safety squat bar, keep reading.

Thanks to the built-in padded harness, the Marrs-Bar safety squat bar distributes the payload throughout a much greater area of the upper body eliminating pinch points and discomfort in the neck and shoulders common with traditional squat bars and power bars. This added stability makes it possible to do hands free squats and takes away the awkwardness, discomfort and imbalance when front squatting for the most comfortable and productive front squats you’ve ever experienced. And because the payload sits closer to the hip hinge when performing back squats, you will immediately notice the ability to move more weight.

The front handles on the Marrs-bar safety squat bar are positioned to reduce and even eliminate shoulder joint stress during barbell squats which makes squatting possible again for those with reduced range of motion and/or pain in the shoulders. The Marrs-Bar is an excellent rehabilitation tool and promotes proper form for reduced risk of injury. Each bar is compatible with Olympic plates and bumper plates with 2” center hole.

Available for government and military open market purchases via GSA contract GS-07F-0104M.


Marrs-Bar Features:

  • Greatly reduces shoulder, neck and back pain associated with barbell squats. 
  • Front handles stabilize the bar and remove stress on the shoulder joints.
  • Padded harness distributes the payload throughout a much larger area of the upper body eliminating pinch points.
  • Allows the user to perform hands-free squats. 
  • Promotes proper technique for injury reduction. 
  • Removes discomfort and instability when performing front squats. 
  • Puts the bar closer to the hip hinge for increased power during back squats.
  • Perform back squats, front squats, lunges, rehabilitation, etc. 
  • Weight plates and collars NOT included.
  • Order multiple bars and save!

100% would recommend to a friend.

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    Marrs-Bar Specs:

    • Weight: 65 lbs.
    • Fully welded.
    • Dimensions: 89" L x 24" W (with handles)
    • Bar Diameter: 1.5" diameter solid steel bar and harness.
    • Sleeve Diameter: 2" diameter for Olympic plates and bumpers.
    • Sleeve Construction: Fully welded and machined. No spin. 
    • Bar and Harness Coating: Zinc.
    • Sleeve Coating: Black oxide.
    • Harness Padding: Vinyl-wrapped high density memory foam.
    • Assembly: Sleeves secure to bar by fastening set screws. 
    • Maintenance: Periodic tightening of sleeve screws. 
    • Weight Capacity: 1,200 lbs. 

    Marrs-Bar Warranty:

    • Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects. Does not cover damage due to negligent or faulty use, handling, maintenance, alteration or storage by the user. DOES NOT cover bar coatings, pads, vinyl cover or hand grips. Bar damage and bending is usually always due to dropping on a rack or bench (the bar hits before the plates) and is not covered by this warranty. All warranty claims handled on a case by case basis.

    Marrs-Bar Shipping:

    • Shipping cost INCLUDED within the lower 48 states only
    • UPS cost included within the lower 48 states only. Additional shipping cost applies to AK, HI, PR and select “high cost” delivery zones
    • Shipping Dims: 73" L x 24" W x 15" H
    • Ship Weight: 93 lbs.