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USA Made MMA and Sports Performance Products have been brought together all in one place at IRON COMPANY for the convenience of those that prefer to buy American. The products in this section address strength training, cardiovascular fitness training, improving flexibility, increasing performance and balance training.

Equipment That Increases Strength - To increase your strength, look for equipment that will help you increase resistance over time like medicine balls and Rotational Bodyweight Training.

Equipment That Boosts Cardio - Upping your cardio performance can be easily done with basic tools like speed ropes, the Slastix Cobra Pro Stiker by Stroops, Beast Battle Ropes and Plyo Boxes.

Equipment That Improves Flexibility - Increase flexibility, range of motion and core strength with products like the Fit Stik Pro and RAGE AbMats.

Equipment That Advances Performance - Increasing your athletic performance with tools like the Slastix Leap Frog, plyo box sets and Stroops Accelerators.

Equipment That Develops Balance - Improving balance and proprioception can we done with a BOSU Balance Trainer and CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Trainer. Both can also be used together for a more advanced workout.

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  1. Stroops Resistance 90 Bar
  2. Stroops Slastix Leap Frog for Sports Performance
  3. Stroops Slastix Knock Out Punch
  4. Stroops Slastix Explosive Kick Resistance Bands
  5. Stroops Slastix Takedown Power Belt
    $122.00 IRON COMPANY
  6. Stroops Fit Stik Pro
    $128.00 IRON COMPANY
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