Coated Kettlebells

Coated Kettlebells and Kettlebell Sets - Kettlebells with coatings are dipped, or encased, in various protective materials, such as rubber and urethane, to help protect floors and surrounding equipment. Urethane kettlebells offer the same level of impact protection as urethane barbells and dumbbells with the added benefit of corrosion protection making them ideal for outdoor kettlebell training. These coatings can also greatly enhance the esthetics of the kettlebell by adding textures and bright colors. Distinct colors can be used for different sizes of each bell for easier identification.

Vinyl and Neoprene Dipped Kettlebells - These kettlebells are available in many bright colors ranging from 5 lbs. to 40 lbs. They are ideal for home and training studio use and the lighter sizes are common in group training classes. Vinyl material is shiny and smooth and can be easier to clean than its neoprene counterpart which offers a pliable, matte finish. Vinyl Dipped Kettleballs by Body Solid offer a unique angled handle that reduces stress on the wrists.

Kettlebell Medicine Balls - Pliable material structure offers a more user friendly alternative to traditional cast iron kettlebells for home and group training classes. Because they are not made from a hardened core or outer shell, they will not damage wood floors if dropped.

Kettlebell Set Packages - Available for the home and commercial facilities, these packages offer convenient pre-configured sets designed to save money. Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solutions by Stamina offer 3 & 5 lb. sets and 10 & 15 lb. sets complete with a Kettlebell workout DVD, workout chart and nutrition solution. Rubber coated kettlebells by Body Solid are available from 5 to 50 lbs. each and include a smooth, chrome handle. For an American Made kettlebell option and unbeatable durability, the Hampton HKB-U urethane coated kettlebells are coated with a urethane formulated specifically for the US Military to be used in blast mitigation operations (bomb testing). Available sets include 5-25 lbs., 30-50 lbs., 5-50 lbs., 60-100 lbs. and our Military Platoon Package that includes 3,900 lbs. total (168 kettlebells). USA Made Hampton Urethane Kettlebells are available for Government purchase through GSA contract GS-07F-0104M and CMAS 4-12-78-0066A.

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Hampton Urethane Coated Kettlebell Sets
Urethane Kettlebell Set - All-Weather Military Grade -- Hampton (HKB-U-SET)
Your Price: $395.00
Urethane Kettlebell Set - All-Weather Military Grade -- Hampton (HKB-U-SET)
Available in 5-25, 30-50, 5-50, and 60-100 lb sets
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