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Barbell Collars and Dumbbell Collars - Barbell collars can be used on barbells designed for home use or Olympic bars seen in most commercial gyms and CrossFit boxes. Dumbbell collars are typically used on adjustable dumbbell handles used in home gyms. Who should used barbell collars and dumbbell collars? Everyone! If you’re currently involved in a barbell or dumbbell training program at home, the gym or any other location, for the safety of yourself and others around you then you need to make sure you use weightlifting collars at all times. Without them, weight plates can slide off a weightlifting bar very easily causing them to fall off one side or both which has the potential of causing bodily injury and damage to your equipment and floors.

Regular Dumbbell and Barbell Collars - Use these on your regular 1” bars that are typically found in home gyms. Spring collars with rubber grips offer an affordable solution and are easy to put on and remove. For a more secure hold and equally easy operation, the 1” Lock-Jaw collars are a good choice. For the ultimate plate holding power go old school with a pair of Ivanko pressure ring collars.

Olympic Collars - Olympic spring collars are most commonly used in clubs and gyms. They provide good holding power and are easy to use. Additionally, they are made from a single coiled spring with no separate moving parts which makes them durable. Muscle Clamps have been a favorite of many weightlifters for years because of their great hold and easy twist lock design. CrossFitters and Olympic style lifters require a durable collar that won’t break or lose their grip on the bar. For these customers we recommend the Lock-Jaw Pro Collars that have an exclusive locking snap-latch that keeps them locked on tight even when dropping a bar loaded up with bumper plates. Another Lock-Jaw consideration for heavy duty lifting should be the Silver Elite. They too have the locking snap-latch but the collar body includes a structural steel internal frame for additional strength and durability.

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Ivanko Olympic Pressure Ring Training Collars
2.5 lb. Chrome Olympic Pressure-Ring Training Collars (Pair) -- Ivanko (COT-2.5)
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2.5 lb. Chrome Olympic Pressure-Ring Training Collars (Pair) -- Ivanko (COT-2.5)
5 lbs. per pair
$100 minimum on all Ivanko orders. No exceptions.
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