Rubber Olympic Plates

Rubber Olympic Plates and Rubber Olympic Weight Plate Sets - Rubber Olympic weightlifting plates offer a protective coating that helps reduce scuffs and damage to floors and equipment when dropped similar to Urethane coated barbell plates. If you are comparing rubber encased Olympic plates with urethane encased Olympic plates, there are a few differences between rubber and urethane you’ll want to be aware of. First, while rubber can offer similar protective qualities to floors and other equipment like urethane, rubber does not resist cracking and peeling like urethane does. In supervised locations where the equipment is cared for and not abused, rubber Olympic plates can hold up well for many years. Second, like any rubber product, rubber plates can carry an odor. This odor usually quickly dissipates but can be much more noticeable than urethane. All in all if you are looking for floor and equipment protection similar to urethane but don’t want to pay urethane prices, rubber Olympic plates are a great buy and should be considered.

Most all rubber encased Olympic plates includes some type of gripping hole pattern designed to make plate loading and offloading easier with less risk of dropping them on your foot. These plates can be purchased by the pair or in 255, 630 or 1,260 lb. package deals. One of the only rubber grip plates that include two opposing grips are made by IGX. Three hole grip plates include York ISO-Grip and CAP Barbell OPHR. Four hole options are Body Solid ORT and ORC. Five holes are included in the Hampton Fitness HOG-R and finally the Ivanko Barbell ROEZH plates come with seven holes.

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American Barbell OPAB3 Rubber Encased Olympic Plates with 4 Grips - 45 lbs
Rubber Coated Olympic Plates with 4 Slot Grip -- American Barbell (OPAB3)
Your Price: $825.00
Rubber Coated Olympic Plates with 4 Slot Grip -- American Barbell (OPAB3)
Plate Sizes: 2.5-45 lbs.
Packages: 255-1,260 lbs.
Uses: Commercial Gyms and Clubs
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