Cable Crossover Machine Purchasing Facts and Tips

Cable Crossover Machine Purchasing Facts and Tips

Read This Information Before Buying a Cable Crossover Machine

This is the internet age. So purchasing an Adjustable Cable Crossover for your facility should be an easy mission. A few “clicks” on the web and you’re onto the next task. “Au contraire!” While there are lots of models available, there is a surprising shortage of good and relevant information about Cable Crossover machines. Read on for the secrets to becoming a savvy and educated consumer.

Why the popularity?
Don’t let this big machine fool you. While the Cable Crossover has a huge footprint and is rather intimidating, it’s deceptively easy to use. A few of the reasons for the mass appeal are:

  • It does everything. The crossover machine is the most versatile piece of equipment in the gym. There is no muscle group that can’t be trained on the cable machine.
  • An Adjustable Cable Crossover can attack any muscle from multiple angles and direction for endless variety.
  • The Cable cross machine gives you the “best of both worlds.” It’s a sort of hybrid that provides the feel of free weights and the safety of weight stack machines, while following your natural motion instead of a defined path.
  • Allows working the body unilaterally even in a bilateral movement. This method of isolation ensures balanced muscular development.
  • A Cable Crossover’s functionality can be enhanced exponentially as simply as changing cable handles and attachments.

Need to Know
Whether you’ve looked at 1 or 100 crossover machines, it become obvious that only basic information is provided. Typically this is all that is stated:

  1. Swivel pulleys that have a 180° range of movement
  2. Weight stack size
  3. Overall dimensions of the crossover cross machine

While this is important information, so much more disclosure is needed to become educated.

Cable Crossover Pulley and Handle Cable Crossover Pulley and Handle


Essentials to Know
There is an old adage about the importance of the particulars that says “the devil is in the details.” This is true in purchasing an Adjustable Cable Crossover as small details can make a good purchase become an exceptional choice. While I wouldn’t call these “secrets,” you’ll have to do your homework and learn what these critical facts are.

Weight Stack Configuration
All companies will tell you the size of the weight stack. But the reduction factor is essential. Cable geometry reduces the resistance at the handle 2:1 on most crossover machines. This means that a 150 lb. weight stack will have only 75 lbs. of resistance at the handle. And some functional trainer crossovers have a 4:1 reduction ratio. You’d feel great about buying a model that had a 300 lb. weight stack on each side, till you used it and discovered the resistance is only 75 lbs. at the handle. Forget about training any large muscle groups with 75 lbs. of resistance. Look for models that have at least a 200 lb.+ weight stack on each side, and if your budget allows IRON COMPANY® recommends upgrading to a 250 lb. weight stack per side. Look for a “reduction ratio” of no more than 2:1 as the resistance at the handle is critical.

The heart of functionality on the cable machine is the ability to work any muscle from any angle. Crossovers that have an adjustable pulley increase the training variety and training options. All adjustments need to be easy to perform and quick to accomplish. A great Adjustable Cable will have a minimum of 10 adjustments on the swiveling pulley and some boast up to 20 adjustments that encompass from the floor to overhead starting position.

TuffStuff PPMS-250 Adjustable Cable Crossover Machine TuffStuff PPMS-250 Adjustable Cable Crossover Machine


Features and Options
In a commercial setting, the Cable cross will be a major stopping point for your members. Shrouds that shield the weight stack are a recommended feature. Also, a “ballet” bar or handle to stabilize users doing thigh work is a nice element. Often the Crossover will have a chin station on the center cross-member with multiple hand positions. Cable attachments with the Adjustable Cable Crossover are a necessity for keeping training “fresh” and exciting. As you well know, gym members always want “more.” A large selection of cable attachments on the crossover machine will provide an almost endless list of training diversity.

SportsArt S971 Selectorized Adjustable Cable Crossover SportsArt S971 Selectorized Adjustable Cable Crossover


The Next Step
Now you know what to look for and what you’re doing. Team up with IRON COMPANY when you’re ready for adding a Cable Crossover to your facility. With a vast selection and expertise, we’re solution makers and not order takers.

About the Author

John Sisk is a former US Marine and is passionate about helping others achieve success in the arena of fitness. As a fitness industry veteran of over 40-years, John has the experience, product knowledge, and perspective that are second to none. John was founder and president of Legend Fitness for 29 years before teaming up with IRON COMPANY in 2006. With over 147 manufacturing partners, John has the right tools, experience, and expertise to ensure you get the best products for your fitness application, whether it is for military, commercial, or personal use. This is more than a job; it is a lifetime commitment to helping people. When not at IRON COMPANY, John can be found leading a Bible Study in the inner city or hiking the Appalachian Trail. Contact John here.