Buying The "Top-Rated" Cable Crossover Machine

Buying The "Top-Rated" Cable Crossover Machine

Let the numbers speak for themselves when buying a Cable Crossover machine by Legend Fitness.

At Ironcompany, we work with approximately 150 manufacturers of fitness products. This provides a unique perspective on what the commercial consumer is purchasing and why. One of the commercial strength equipment manufacturers that Ironcompany works closely with is the "fastest growing manufacturer" in the US over the last seven years.

Surprisingly, for this leading manufacturer, the Cable Crossover Plus is the number one best-selling weight stack machine as it outsells all other weight stack machines, single or multi-stack, by a significant margin. Read on and learn why prominent commercial facilities are putting the #960 Cable Crossover Plus into their arsenal of strength equipment.


The Cable Crossover Plus is so much more than just an adjustable cable crossover. It's like a crossover on steroids! It comes with a fully functional Lat machine and Seated Row machine. And there's no loss of performance as found in most combo weight-stack machines. Additionally, every station has its own weight stack. This lets up to five users work out at the same time on the Crossover Plus. The #960 has a small footprint of only 120 square feet, which permits this unit to be positioned almost anywhere. Most clubs place this out in the open because the clean lines and sleek look attract gym members. The Crossover Plus has easy access to any station from multiple directions, which prevents traffic jams.

Because it contains several of the most popular gym exercises, gym members gravitate to this unit. And the ease of use makes the Cable Crossover Plus a favorite of everyone.

Adjustable Pulley

Adjustable Cable Crossover

The Adjustable Cable Crossover station features (2) 150-lb. steel weight stacks (standard), and upgrades of 200-lb. or 250-lb. are available. The adjustable pulley handles have 20 laser-etched numbers in a chrome-plated adjustment tubing. Versatility and a user-defined multi-dimensional exercise plane put the control of the moment into your client's hands. Two extra heavy-duty nylon stirrup handles are included.

Lat Machine Station

The Lat machine station is easy to use while providing maximum isolation. A 200-lb stack is standard and upgrades in 50-lb. increments are available. The clever thigh roller-pad design is adjustable, and the seat is densely padded and comfortable. A chrome-plated revolving lat bar features a medium knurling for a good grip, and the rotation of the handle helps reduce wrist strain.

Seated Row Station

The Seated Row station performs like it's a stand-alone unit. It is the epitome of form following function. You take the movement in its purest form and build the machine around that. That's what being "word class" is about. The Seated Row station is renowned for building depth in the middle back and strengthening those hard-to-reach lower lat muscles.

Included is a 200-lb. weight stack that is upgradeable. Also included is a lightly knurled steel row handle and a wear guard plate in front of the elevated foot pegs. The seat is extended to accommodate the longest of pulls.

Chin Station

Chin Station

A dual position chin station is standard issue on the #960. Neutral grip (palms facing each other) or cambered barbell grip (palms facing to front) provide training variety. The chin station is centered on one of the cross-members.


The #960 Cable Crossover Plus is fully commercial rated. And the construction is engineered for heavy-use and high-traffic areas. Each side is rigid and fully welded with a minimum of bolts. The warranty is one of the best in the industry. Club owners typically do their "due diligence" when adding new equipment to their facility, so it makes sense that the Cable Crossover Plus is top rated.

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