Spirit Fitness CT850 Treadmill Is Suited For Commercial & Government Fitness Settings

Spirit Fitness CT850 Treadmill Is Suited For Commercial & Government Fitness Settings

Spirit Fitness, a leading cardiovascular fitness equipment manufacturer since 1983, designed the CT850 Treadmill to withstand the daily use associated in today's harsh commercial facility environments. Since its introduction, this premiere model in the Spirit Fitness commercial treadmill line has been turning heads and it continues to impress as it has quickly become a favorite in fitness arenas where smooth comfortable workouts are required. The CT850 is made from high quality material components that make it a go to commercial quality treadmill where high daily use is a requirement!

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What Makes the CT850 A Strong Commercial Grade Treadmill?

Everything about the Spirit Fitness CT850 says high grade top notch quality! For starters, this 397 lb beast of a commercial grade treadmill can accommodate the smallest to the largest user as its steel frame can endure a max user weight of 450 lbs. With a roomy 22" x 60" multi-ply treadmill belt, taller users will feel right at home while walking, jogging or sprinting and smaller users will enjoy the vast space even more so! Adding to the quality components is a 1" phenolic, wax coated, double-sided deck that offers maintenance free usage and can be flipped to extend the life of the deck in use. These are terrific features that any facility owner or manager should consider, because having a treadmill that can entertain users of all shapes and sizes and that will allow years of comfortable workouts is critical for business and for user experience.

Designed to be placed into even the most distinguished commercial fitness settings, the CT850 is adorned with aluminum side rails that are stylish, supportive and easy to clean. As a user steps onto the treadmill belt they are welcomed by a sizable console that houses a beautiful and bright, Tri-color LED display with a message center housing 6 individual LED windows that will communicate user feedback such as Time, Speed, Incline, Distance, Current Pace, Calories Burned, Pulse and METs. To break-out of the mundane of a manual program the CT850 Treadmill user has a terrific assortment of additional programs to select from including Hill, Calorie, Interval, Custom, 5K Run, 10K Run, Fit Test, Fat Burn and 2 awesome Heart Rate programs that can be used with the ergonomically correct Contact Heart Rate Grip Sensors (or a chest strap that is sold separately).

Sum up the high grade niceties with a turbo fan to help you stay cool and focused, quick keys on the console that let you program the treadmills speed or incline with one simple key touch, cargo compartment trays to hold a phone, mp3 player, keys or a water bottle and a built in reading rack and we are still just getting started with what really makes the CT850 treadmill a high grade commercial quality treadmill contender!

What moves the Spirit Fitness CT850 to the head of the pack is under the hood. A 4.0 HP Brushless AC Drive Motor with Grade H Insulation is what makes this bad boy purr with every workout! If you're just starting out and walking is your cup of fitness tea or you're a highly trained athlete ready to vigorously sprint on to vitality, the CT850 will meet your fitness needs with a speed range of .5 to 12 mph and an incline range of 0 to 15%! The 3" rollers engaged by the powerful AC Drive Motor will move along runners for heart pounding cardiovascular workouts and the 6 Cushioned Elastomers evenly positioned under the treadmill deck absorb shock, otherwise distributed to the runner, to creates a unique and comfortable user experience!

Covered with an industry leading commercial warranty, the CT850 Commercial Grade Treadmill offers the following in Non-Dues Paying facility environments:

Commercial Warranty:

  • Lifetime-Frame
  • 5 Years - Motor, Deck & Parts
  • 2 Years - Labor

Also a favorite amongst purchasers who want to put a commercial grade industry leading treadmill into their homes, Spirit Fitness offers the following warranty for residential settings:

Residential Warranty:

  • Lifetime-Frame, Motor & Deck
  • 10 Years - Parts
  • 2 Years - Labor

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Is the Spirit CT850 Treadmill A Great Choice For My Commercial Facility Type?

Well suited for just about any setting, the CT850 Commercial Treadmill makes a great impact in locations that are considered commercial use Non-Dues Paying facilities. This means commercial fitness environments such as personal training studios, hotels, motels, corporate fitness centers, weight loss clinics, rehab and medical centers, wellness locations, residential communities and the like are perfect environments where the Spirit Fitness CT850 Treadmill will bring quality workouts and long lasting enjoyment.

Another commercial environment where the CT850 makes a great choice is in government settings such as municipal centers, government offices, local, state and federal office and athletic centers and in all branches of the government and military where fitness environments are considered Non-Dues Paying Facilities.

I'm a Government GSA Purchaser. Is the CT850 Treadmill Available on GSA and CMAS Contract?

Since its release into the fitness market and its addition to GSA and CMAS Contracts, the Spirit Fitness CT850 Commercial Treadmill has provided a unique offering to government GSA purchasers and CMAS contract purchasers. Priced right with quality grade components and warranties, government buyers can rest assured that they are procuring the very best in commercial grade engineering when they purchase a CT850 Treadmill. Built tough, and able to withstand the challenging workout environments and exercise regimens our nation’s men and women in uniform require, the CT850 is a terrific choice for a commercial grade treadmill!

Where Can I Learn About The Spirit Fitness CT850 Treadmill?

With a large amount of misinformation on the web today, when it comes to learning about treadmills you want to find a source that is thorough and accurate! At Ironcompany.com®, we're a facility owners or government buyers dream come true! We eat, sleep and breathe fitness equipment and we have a huge selection of treadmills to review right to your fingertips! Come over and research the CT850 Commercial Grade Treadmill on our site and learn about Spirit Fitness and what they have to offer in commercial quality treadmills!

Is it time to upgrade the treadmills in your commercial or government training facility? Are you a government buyer in need of a GSA or CMAS contract quote? You and your patrons deserve the very best so please contact an Ironcompany fitness equipment professional by calling 888-758-7527 or email quotes@ironcompany.com for more information on the CT850 Commercial Treadmill today!