Get Off The Couch And On The Treadmill!

Get Off The Couch And On The Treadmill!

You can't beat walking; its benefits are numerous: improved mood, weight loss, reduced risk for chronic disease, great looking legs, better digestion and better overall fitness.

While walking pays huge dividends, the best place to take to the open pedestrian road for improved fitness is with treadmill workouts.

Why Use a Treadmill?

Using a treadmill builds the same muscles and improves fitness in the same way as walking. Why hit the treadmill? The treadmill provides the benefits of walking and so much more. Bad weather? Not a problem. Stray dogs? Not on your treadmill, hopefully. Rough, uneven terrain? No way.

Treadmill workouts also enable you to determine precisely the type of workout you want to do, the speed, the incline and even the duration. The treadmill works as a kind of personal trainer forcing you to keep pace and effort with the parameter settings you establish. For example, you want to walk at a consistent 3.5 mph pace and a 7-degree incline. The treadmill establishes the speed and the pace and removes the excuses for taking it easy. You reap the results.

4 Treadmill Workouts

Here are four treadmill workouts from Men's Fitness guaranteed to produce results.

  1. The 30-minute tempo treadmill workout encompasses a 10-minute walk or light jog, a 10-minute tempo run and a 10-minute cooldown. The tempo run is described as a comfortably difficult pace or ranks 7 on a 1-10 scale of difficulty with 10 being the most challenging.
  2. The 30-minute interval workout is the most intense. Start with a 10-minute walk or light jog. Do eight 1-minute hard runs at intensities of 9-10 (that's all out) with 1-minute recoveries between the intervals. Do a 5-minute cooldown at the end.
  3. The 30-minute hill workout is one of the best examples of the benefits of treadmill workouts. It's also the best for calorie burning. Start with a 10-minute warm-up. Do five 2-minute hill runs (at a 7 percent incline) with 1-minute recoveries. Take a 5-minute cooldown at the end.
  4. The 30-minute endurance workout is great for active recovery between intense interval workouts. Endurance workouts help the body expand the number of capillaries. Start this workout with a 3-minute warm-up. Go 25 minutes at a steady pace with about a 5 to 6 intensity. Do a 2-minute cooldown at the end.

Iron Company Treadmills: The Best Fitness Investment

Studies demonstrate that when people buy a treadmill they're more apt to stick with their workout routines. Considering the ease and convenience of a treadmill, exercise enthusiasts are discovering a treadmill purchase is the best investment in their health and well-being they've made.

Using a treadmill doesn't require learning complicated movements nor does it have a long learning curve. Treadmill workouts involve natural movements, walking and running.

Iron Company treadmills are made in the United States by the industry's top manufacturers, and many are used by major fitness clubs, government agencies, universities, professional sports teams and those with home gyms.

Walking and running on a treadmill for a healthier more fit body

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