Why D-Ball by Mondo is the Best Slammer Ball on the Market

Why D-Ball by Mondo is the Best Slammer Ball on the Market

What is a Slam Ball?
A Slam Ball is typically a heavy duty medicine ball that can be slammed against the floor or wall with extreme force. But they can be used for a variety of other exercises as well. D-Ball carries them in a large range of diameters and weight which can have different impacts on the range of motion and muscles being used. Light weight slam balls start at only half a pound and heavy slam balls graduate all the way up to 300 lbs. They are a great exercise tool to add to any routine and they don’t take up much space at all.

Black D-Ball Slam Ball by Mondo                                 Black D-Ball Slam Ball by Mondo


How does D-Ball make their product?
D-Ball pioneered the modern Slam ball. Their USA Medicine Ball is manufactured by a rotational molding process. The liquid product is put into a mold, rotated in an oven and once cooled down it produces the outer core which is best described as flexible PVC. D-Ball has a 3/8” wall thickness which is thicker than all other competitors. The filer is a proprietary mixture of 6-7 different fill materials to help keep the product equally weighted. It is also non-clumping to keep shape and balance. The vent hole on the ball helps keep the pressure the same at all time. This durability has created a top of the market Slam Ball.

Yellow D-Ball Slam Ball by Mondo                           Yellow D-Ball Slam Ball by Mondo


Unique features of D-Ball Medicine Balls
– Raised dimpled texture surface for gripping
– Choice of Black, Yellow or Pink
– Non-Bouncing
– Med Ball Diameters = 3.25”, 5”, 8”, 9”, 10”, 12”, 14” and 15”
– Med Ball Weights = Starting at .5 lbs. and up to 300 lbs

Pink D-Ball Slam Ball by Mondo                              Pink D-Ball Slam Ball by Mondo


Why Should I Incorporate Slam Balls into my Workout routine?
There are limitless uses for this product. Use them to start your pre-lifting warm-up and stretching with the light weight balls. They can help increase your range of motion, assist in training hand-eye coordination, develop a strong core and help increase muscle power. They are also great for sport specific training or even physical therapy and muscle rehab. It’s a great workout no matter what skill level you are.

To get the best USA made medicine balls that are ready to be slammed against the ground, go no further than D-Ball. With all the diameter and weight options available, you can get everything you need to start an easy warm-up or jump in to heavy duty training.

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