Ivanko Barbell Rubber Bumper Plates for Commercial Gym Use

Ivanko Barbell Rubber Bumper Plates for Commercial Gym Use


Ivanko Barbell Rubber Bumper Plate Review

It seems these days, anyone who participates in weight training for exercise and hobby, has come across the gung ho individual who swears by training with bumper plates! Moreover, as weight training continues to become more mainstream with the advent of compound movements such as Olympic lifts made popular by the Olympic Summer Games, CrossFit and Cross Training movements, rubber bumper plates are now all the rage in homes, clubs and competitions across the World!

Surely footed in the bumper plate industry sits Ivanko Barbell, a long standing quality Olympic bar and weight plate manufacturer whose pursuit of excellence in quality craftsmanship and accuracy has made them the front runner in a harshly competitive environment!

What are Ivanko Barbell Bumper Plates?
Ivanko bumper plates are Olympic weightlifting plates designed of very thick and durable rubber that are often called “bumpers” in the weightlifting community. These plates allow the user to drop a barbell that is loaded with weight right down to the floor without the fear and high risk of causing damage and stress directly to the barbell and plates being used or to surfaces such as gym floors and weightlifting platforms. Ivanko bumper plates help to absorb much of the impact being produced from weight loads crashing down, and as such, they make an excellent choice for anyone performing weightlifting power moves that call for quick weight release for safety reasons.

Why should I train with Ivanko Bumper Plates?
Ivanko Barbell bumper plates make an excellent choice when training endeavors include Olympic lifts such as the Clean and Jerk, the Snatch or any combination or variation of these compound movements. As athletes develop their skill in these powerful exercises they can increase their technique at hoisting large weight loads where the end of the movement finishes overhead or in the upper torso region. This obviously makes it unsafe and difficult to bring the loaded bar back to the floor and this makes Ivanko bumper plates an essential training and competition tool required to meet these demands.

Another reason to consider training with Ivanko bumper plates is the noise factor or that which you will create! If you will be training at home, in a garage or basement or in a small training club, there will be many times and many movements where using steel weight plates can cause a loud noisy environment. Do basic movements like a deadlift in these settings and hear the crashing of metal plates vibrating with the bar! Not a sound that makes your family, neighbors or club patrons excited to hear that you’re training again! Bumper plates can eliminate some of this noise factor as they won’t crash and bang loudly when bouncing around!

What kind of Ivanko bumper plates are available?
Ivanko Barbell has engineered and manufactured phenomenal bumper plates to meet the needs of today’s demanding consumer. Options are available for everyone and the consistency to quality manufacturing with precision lays across all of Ivanko’s bumper plate product offerings!

Rubber Encased Olympic Bumper Plates (OBP): Ivanko starts off the line with the OBP. OBP’s are basic black bumper plates that are terrific for any general use setting such as homes, garage gyms, schools, commercial and club facilities or military establishments. If you’re looking for quality bumper plates and don’t need the visual appeal of colored bumpers then this is the way to go!

Ivanko Barbell OBP-C Colored Rubber Bumper Plates Ivanko Barbell OBP-C Colored Rubber Bumper Plates


Rubber Encased Colored Olympic Bumper Plate (OBP-C): Similar to the black bumper plate version, Ivanko designs these OBP-C Colored Olympic bumper plates for all markets in general. However, in some cases, some people and facilities prefer to have the flair of color to brighten up their garage gyms or commercial club facility. Also, as these units are color coded to a specific weight increment it allows the user to make quick color coded changes. The quality you find with Ivanko Colored Olympic Bumper Plates rings true and the OBP-C plates can make your training come to life with a bit of color to add even more excitement to your training!

Ivanko Barbell OCB Calibrated Bumper Plates Ivanko Barbell OCB Calibrated Bumper Plates


Calibrated Bumper Plates (OCB): The jewels of the bumper plate industry; Ivanko Barbell Calibrated Bumper Plates are right on the money with quality, accuracy and offered at a price where more people can afford competition style plates! Better yet, Ivanko Calibrated Rubber Olympic Bumper Plates offer superior accuracy to the 3rd decimal place (within 10 grams) and they are so precise that these plates meet or exceed IWF and international standards! This means that these color coded calibrated bumper plates are professional level products with tolerances that are so tight they are perfect for training for that next big meet or for using at your sanctioned lifting competition!

Ivanko Barbell OBP Olympic Bumper Plate Set Ivanko Barbell OBP Olympic Bumper Plate Set


Ivanko Bumper Plate Pairs or Ivanko Bumper Plate Packages
To cover all markets, individuals looking to start their bumper plate training journey with just a few pairs of each plate or someone or some facility looking to acquire an entire plate package, Ivanko is prepared with bumper plate pairs or bumper plate packages to get your compound movement training in high gear! Pairs are perfect for someone looking to start off small or adding to their existing bumper plate stock pile and packages are excellent for starting off your bumper plate training with enough plates to cover training needs and strength gains to come. No matter what your bumper plate needs are, rest easy knowing that Ivanko Barbell has designed superior quality bumper plates to create gains in strength, power and profits!

Where can I buy Ivanko Barbell bumper plates today?
At IRON COMPANY®we are uniquely positioned to offer an incredible selection of bumper plates from Ivanko Barbell that will meet the demands of anyone in need of superior quality Olympic weightlifting plates! Come on over to our site today and order up bumper plate pairs or bumper plate packages that will stand up to your extreme training needs. Better yet, reach out to IRON COMPANY with your custom quote needs and we can design the exact Olympic weightlifting bumper plate package that you need for your home, club or competition meet! With shipping included prices, we move massive amounts of bumper plates direct to you so you can practice on moving massive amounts of weight to reach your training and competition goals!

When you’re ready to take the next step to add Ivanko Barbell bumper plates to your training arsenal, pick up the phone and call one of our in house equipment experts at 888-758-7527 or email quotes@ironcompany.com today! We are ready to help you make the best informed decision on your next Ivanko equipment purchase!