mma training accessories

Shop IRON COMPANY MMA training accessories from trusted brands like Rage Fitness, Schiek, Stroops and Valor Fitness. Select from bag mounting hardware, resistance ropes, gym bags, muscle tape, grip trainers and more. Visit our Contact Us page today and reach out to one of our IRON COMPANY martial arts equipment experts.

Stroops Drag Strap with Clips
Stroops P2.0 Basic H Padded Shoulder Harness
Stroops P2.0 Power Pull Belt For Pull Sleds and Tires
Stroops Slastix Leap Frog for Sports Performance
Stroops Slastix Cobra Pro Striker
Stroops Slastix Knock Out Punch
Stroops Slastix Explosive Kick Resistance Bands
Stroops All-legs Speed Builder
Slastix Resistance Beast Battle Rope
Stroops Slastix Boa Resistance Rope
Slastix Son of the Beast Resistance Ropes
Stroops Slastix Python Striker
Slastix Double Gun | Stroops (GUN2)
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